10 Most Exotic Weed Strains 2021: Let’s Explore Your Options

Weed is the most popular drug in America. And, as legalization continues to spread across the country, so too does access to exotic strains of weed. You may be surprised to find that there are exotic strains of marijuana and exotic plants producing exotic weed.

You can find exotic weed in many places worldwide, but it is especially prevalent in the United States. It has become more and more popular over the last few years because of its exotic flavors and high THC content.

There are many exotic weed strains on the market; it can be hard to know where to start with so many exotic weed strains out there! We have compiled a list of 10 that will be most sought after in 2021.

It’s time you learned about some of the best exotic cannabis! The following exotic weed strains are sure to help you get your next big bong hit!

1. Malawi Gold Strain

This exotic weed strain comes from Africa and is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It has a unique smell with exotic flavors of fruit, candy, and nuts! It is one exotic weed strain that you can’t miss out on! It’s not hard to tell why users love Malawi Gold. You can use this sedative strain at any time of day and still feel the relaxing effects.

If you are looking for an exotic weed strain that can help with pain management, anxiety, migraine headaches, depression, or loss of appetite, then look no further than Malawi Gold! As if it couldn’t get any better, this sweet-smelling plant is easy to grow and has a high yield.

2. Snowcap Strain

Another great option for an exotic weed strain that you will love using is the Snowcap Strain. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a powerful cerebral high and can be used to treat depression, stress, chronic pain, lack of appetite, or nausea.

This plant also provides consumers with euphoric feelings similar to those produced by other potent Sativas. It is a well-loved exotic weed strain that will be hard to beat in 2021. This plant has a strong citrus flavor and aroma, so you can expect an interesting smoke when using this of kind weed strain!

3. Bubba Kush Strain

You will also love the Bubba Kush Strain! This exotic weed strain is a pure Indica that many users enjoy for its relaxing high. If you suffer from insomnia, pain, lack of appetite, stress, or anxiety, then this may be an ideal fit for you. You can use it during the day as well because it will not keep you awake.

The high THC content in this weed strain is what makes it so desirable. It provides users with an almost instant euphoric feeling, which can help relieve stress and anxiety quickly! If that doesn’t sound like the kind of exotic weed strain you want, then nothing will! And who could forget about its flavor? You will be able to enjoy a nice chocolate flavor that will leave you wanting more.

4. Frisian Duck Strain

Another great option for an exotic weed strain is the Frisian Duck Strain. This plant produces a mellow high and has two dominant phenotypes – one that smells like lemon and another one with more of a diesel smell. It’s not hard to see why this Sativa-dominant hybrid has such a loyal following! If you are looking for an exotic weed strain with a unique taste, then you will love the Frisian Duck Strain.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has many different effects that are sure to help your medical needs! It helps relieve pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite. The high THC content in this plant is what makes it so desirable for many consumers! This exotic weed strain is also able to produce a long-lasting high that will keep you feeling good.

5. Bleu Cheese Strain

Another great option for an exotic weed strain is the Bleu Cheese Strain. This exotic weed strain has a pungent aroma that you can smell right away, but it also offers up some fruity flavors as well! If you love cheese, then this could be one of your favorite marijuana strains to enjoy. It’s easy to see why users love this strain!

This exotic weed strain can be used to treat conditions like chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, and lack of sleep. So it’s not hard to understand why users are so excited about the Bleu Cheese Strain in 2021! If you want an exotic weed strain that is sure to take your mind off things, then this is the one for you.

6. Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Strain is an appetite stimulant. It makes one hungry and also has some great medicinal properties. There are many good reasons to use this strain. First, it’s often used by growers because it can grow tall and be harvested more than once before flowering. Second, this is the closest thing to the original Blue Dream.

This is a great strain for pain management and insomnia relief. However, it makes one relaxed after taking it but not tired, which helps those with sleeping disorders stay awake during an entire night of sleep. This plant grows medium height plants that are well-branched and have good density levels too. They are great for beginners.

7. Four-Way Strain

If you are interested in a good social strain, there is no better option than the Four-Way Strain. This exotic weed strain offers up a little bit of everything. So you can expect to relax, socialize with friends or family, and be uplifted all at the same time! It’s no wonder so many users love this strain in 2021! It is spicy in taste and aroma.

If you are looking for an exotic weed strain that will help alleviate your pain and anxiety, then this is a great option to try out. This exotic weed strain will help you to feel happy and uplifted. It can also be a great tool for social interactions because it will help you feel more relaxed and at ease. A great strain to try out if you’re looking for an exotic weed strain that is euphoric!

8. Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk is a strain that subtly tones the characteristic “skunk” odor with a lemony fragrance. Many people like the taste of this variety much better than Four-Way, and of course, it’s lemony. It’s a classic exotic since to its pain-relieving qualities and high THC concentration.

Lemon Skunk is a good option to treat anxiety and depression. It’s also helpful for treating migraines, headaches, chronic pain, and stress. It’s one of the best exotic weed strains that you can find, and many users are already finding it to be their favorite in 2021!

9. Super Sour Lemon

The name says it all. It is a pleasant, light-tart, and lemony flavor that many people in the United States and worldwide enjoy. The advantages appear to favor it, as it has nuances of lime with an earthy aftertaste that lingers for hours.  This strain offers a great taste, with an even better high.

Many people are saying that Super Sour Lemon is one of the most powerful cannabis strains available in 2021! This exotic weed strain makes users feel happy and relaxed at the same time – sometimes making them giggle or laugh for no reason whatsoever. It’s also helpful to ease stress and tension and helps to fight off depression.

10. White Widow

White Widow is a viral strain in 2021. It has been around for decades and still appears to be one of the most loved exotic weed strains due to its pleasant flavor, high THC concentration levels, and powerful effects that knock you on your butt.

The White Widow strain offers up some spicy flavors with fruity aromas! This potent hybrid is one of the most famous and sought-after strains on Earth! White Widow makes a list as it is a favorite amongst those that want to grow their own plants. It grows more quickly than other strains, which has earned it the name exotic since it is a mix of Sativa and Indica with characteristics of both.

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