25+ Weed Stash Boxes to Securely Store Cannabis

You’re an experienced smoker. You’ve got your weed, a lighter, and a pack of rolling papers. All you need now is a cannabis storage box to keep everything together.

Continue reading to find out which weed stash box is perfect for you.

What is the purpose of a weed stash box?

As you prosper as a marijuana fan, you gather  other gadgetry, never mentioning your favorite cannabis breeds, which you keep in distinct jars.

Although medical marijuana is allowed in more than half of the States, it should not be taken lightly. Cannabis, like intoxicants and prescription medicines, should be taken carefully.

Stash boxes make fantastic pothead presents. We could use a safe place to store our weed.

List of the Weed Stash Boxes :

1.  Masterdam StashShield  Jars

Masterdam Rolling Supplies a batch of boxes for herb, spices, teas, herbal & dietary supplements, protein powders, dried foods, coffees, and oils protects materials from hazardous lights. The Stash Shield stands out and provides optimal protection from light’s adverse effects.

2. Charmonic Hair Brush Stash

This is a suitable distraction safe for stashing goods out of sight. Perfectly Functioning Distraction Device – mixes in along with your grooming basics, is strong enough to use. The secret chamber is quite huge and can store a lot of money and valuables.

3. Storage Soles

It may be cropped in both horizontal and vertical directions to fit inside nearly every single shoe. Using Preservation Soles, set aside only one pair of shoes. Top insole brands’ PU Foam is used. Comfortable with a thin profile.

4. Stashlogiri EcoStash

This odor-controlling weed preservation pouch also safeguards your accessories with a three-digit padlock that is simple to use. Interior container that can be customized with exceptional customer service.

5. Herb Guard Jar

The compartment design is simple and elegant, giving good security without revealing the contents of your jars and safeguarding your privacy. Every jar contains a special graphic label that can be used to personalize.

6. Kozo Smell Proof Stash Box

The airtight, odor-proof Stash Box Set from Kozo Grinders is now available. A Kozo Brand four-piece aluminum grinder, a UV-proof and an odor-proof lid, a rolling platter, a combo locking, and black matting are included in the Handheld Kit.

7. Skyway Viper Doob Tube

It’s accurate for pre-rolled materials. It’s free of odors and furnishes terrific shielding. Superb breakage protection and maintaining stuff incredibly fresh. Fits easily in pockets and clutches neither breaking nor causing damage

8. Sidekick Smell Proof Case 

External and internal netted pockets with a combination lock. A weather- and odor-resistant flap, as satisfactorily as an additional internal filtration screen, helps to keep odors at bay. Activated carbon method with the highest concentration.

9. Vintage Stash Box Combo

This set includes two keys, allowing you to ensure your storage box while keeping the jar, grinder, tray, and wooden instrument safe. Stash Jar with Airtight Lid Maintains the freshness of your product by removing any odors from the environment.

10. Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can

Suitable for use in automobiles, baggage, gym bags, and pockets! On top of that, there’s real deodorant!! At the bottom, there’s a hiding space. It is a Hidden store Distraction Safe, not really a deodorant stick!!

11. Johnny Raccoon Extra Large Bamboo Stash Box

The stash box seems to be almost 3 times as vast as other main rivals, it has an adjustable space so that you can categorize items however you prefer.

12. Bambox Stash Box

Maintain your marijuana stash fresh without waste of space and fit perfectly into the stash box. The compartments are visible in your kit of stash boxes to identify marijuana without opening.

13. Pike & Pine Stash Box

Store with the Pike & Pine stash box all of your herbal ingredients and tools. This personalized stash box is made of smooth and guaranteed bamboo.

14. Erbana Stash Box Combo

The feasibility of Erbana stash boxes was taken into deliberation. The kit includes 2 high-quality storage jars, a 4-piece top-quality grinder, and one rolling bowl. Each piece was designed to fit in perfectly with an exquisite uniform appearance in the stash box.

15. Higher Standards Triangle Stash Box

The gorgeous features on the interior of this box make this a unique commodity. High-fired porcelain has a glassy or vitreous appearance, as well as a fragile and spongy pattern.

16. Volant Stash Box

Unique-designed aluminum score boxes possess a special seal that provides a smell-proof, water-proof, and break-proof of our bottles. This is coupled with our new ceramic-coated grinder.

17. Sure Cure Collector Vault 

The Sure Cure Collectors Vault is the most compact and secure pharmaceutical storage device available. With 6 Sure Cure Collector Containers, as well as the 3-digit security code, you can finally keep your cannabis with extensive assurance and protection.

18. Can lock Stash Glass Jar

Here’s a great way to arrange or transport marijuana. This glass compartment is smooth and gleaming, with a distinct design that gives it a youthful and vibrant look.

19. Prymal Stash Box Combo

This box is designed to last, with an inevitable bamboo construction and a profound black walnut cover. The box’s endurance is enhanced by fine carpentry parts, bolstered edges, and solid wood. To avoid discoloration, and has a slight wax coating on both the interior and outside.

20. Sky High Dream Stash Box

This stash box’s clean, elegant design is suitable for keeping secrecy when on the move! It’s convenient to carry around with you because of the palm strap. Your stockpile is safe and secure thanks to the sealed lid, dual locks, and combo shackle.

21. Vutada Stash Box Combo

The remarkably high quality layer provides the compartments to open skillfully and readily, with fangs that are simple to wash. This suggests that this crusher will serve for a long time!

22. Tree Of Life Stash Box Combo

A glass jar, grinder, plus tree of life roller sheet are included. Inside the personalized Tree of Life Box, you can safely organize and keep your accessories! It looks fantastic on a bookshelf, dining table, or somewhere else in the house!

23. Jonathan Adler Brass Pill Box

These closed pill boxes are made of durable brass and are the perfect spot to keep your treasure. To help you maintain your intake, each pill is laser-etched including its mg quantity. In addition to your tabletop or a stylish hideaway on your nightstand.

24. The Rolling Box Regia 210

With a removable roller tray, marijuana leftovers bin, the bottle for rolling papers and filtering levels, hidden chamber, and locking lip.

25. Koala Blue Smell Proof Stash Box

Three different detachable Adhesive partitions, solid, sturdy, and anti-tear, are included in the large interior place. Designed with heavy-duty locks, and a timeless appearance, this bag will be useful in your everyday life.

26. Juanador Stash Box and Humidifier

Every humidity jar includes a moist package that has been strictly developed to preserve your cache in tip-top shape and prolong the shelf life. Every bottle is sealed, so odors are kept at bay.

27. Coco Acacia Stash Box

This wooden lockable box’s exquisite and inconspicuous appearance is large enough to hold all of your relaxation requirements yet decorating or merging in any area and this encompassed stash container is also a great present.

Many of the weed stash boxes reviewed above include “customization options” containers, as you may have discerned. They include foam or other material separators that you can move around to suit all of your cannabis supplies. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect stash box that has everything you are looking for!

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