9 Best Leak Proof Atomizer Tanks

Are you here because you are irritated with E-Cig atomizer tanks that leak? Are you wondering how not to get all those blemishes on your shirts or pants? We know that you sometimes wonder how vaping does up E-Liquid ends so quickly.

We have written this article to explain what atomizer tanks are and have brought a list of vapes that don’t leak. 

This article will elucidate the following topics:

  • What is an atomizer tank?
  • How does an atomizer work?
  • Some reasons for the leaking of an atomizer tank
  • 9 Best vapes that don’t leak.

What Is an Atomizer Tank? 

An atomizer compromises a small heating element that vaporizes or emits an E-liquid and a wicking material that draws liquid onto the coil. It converts the liquid into a fine spray like in a perfume. Alongside a battery and E-liquid, the atomizer is the primary segment of every personal vaporizer.

How Does an Atomizer Work?

It works on Bernoulli’s principle. When high-velocity air passes a cylinder, it makes a low-pressure area and draws the air and fluid in the upwards direction of the vertical cylinder. Atomizer has a spout toward the cylinder’s end, making the liquid break into tiny drops and blends it in with the air.

Some Reasons Why Atomizer Tanks Leak

Before directly jumping into the best leak-proof atomizer tank list, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your current atomizer tank might be leaking.

  • Drip Tip Adapters– A ton of times after vaping for some time, may begin to gather E-Liquid between the drip tip and its fitting. You will know whether this is happening when you will, in general, tip your mod a little while you vape; You get E-liquid in your mouth.
  • Broken Gaskets – Sometimes, there may be a crack in the frame of the atomizer tank behind the gasket. A person may find spots in the gaskets or rips in the O-rings, and this could be the region from where E-liquid is leaking.
  • Installing cotton– When someone is developing their coils and stuffing cotton inside, they may be aware of the consistency. Pressing too much cotton inside the vape tank may fix leakage but can make the vapes dry and flavorless. On the other hand, not stuffing enough cotton, then the E-liquid channels will not get filled, and it will run to the sides of the wick, into the airflow channel, and out of the adjustable airflow ring.
  • The variety of E-liquid one is using— It also depends on the kind of E-liquid one uses. The percentage of VG to PG content may play a significant role in leaking an atomizer tank. VG is a thick liquid. A high VG content, when replaced with high PG content, there are chances that the tank may begin to leak, as PG has a water-like consistency while VG is a thick liquid. 

9 Best Vapes that don’t leak

Let’s begin your introduction with the vapes that don’t leak, and we will also tell why one should switch to them.

1.  Aspire Revvo Sub-Ohm Tank

The Aspire Revoo has a replaceable coil and is very cost-efficient. Its coil’s shape is like a pizza. It is manufactured so that its cartridge coil remains on the top of the tank and top airflow. The cartridge coil is in the form of a flat disk with a disk of cotton wick on top. It helps put back the extra E-liquid or juice into the tank when it is drawn out from the tank. There is a locking pin in the filling system that seals off the tank chamber after filling.

2. UWell Crown V

The UWell Crown V is an advanced Crown sub-ohm tank series that has been fiercely famous for quite a long time. You can believe the UWell name and a tank that has been idealized with an endless supply of past models.

This amazing sub-tank doesn’t use airflow; however, it has to underlie that UWell explicitly prevents leakage. The airflow is intended to eliminate buildup alongside a self-cleaning framework limiting the building up and leaking of the juice. It keeps all the excess liquid consumed inside the cotton.

3. GeekVape Zeus X

The GeekVape Zeus X operates with mesh as they tend to give out the better flavor and third-best vape that doesn’t leak.  The substitution loops on this tank are incredibly huge.  These lattice curls permit you to pack vast loads of cotton at the base. It highlights top-mounted filling and top wind stream, allowing air to assist with taking care of e-Juice onto the lattice loop while giving no outlets on the base for e-juice to stream out. Inside the glass, the tank includes a round and hollow mesh coil with O-ring gaskets on top and bottom. It cuts off leaking because of the rapid squashing of the E-Liquid inside the atomizer tank while moving around.

4. Hellvape Dead Rabbit v2

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is the replacement of Dead Rabbit RTA, which is worked with exactness machining with a knurled top cap to make a productive push style top-fill framework for the 5mL most extreme juice supply. Updated flexible top side diagonal honeycomb air current is with an emphasis on flavor and less leakage.

5. Kylin M Leak Proof RTA

It is one of my most favorite vapes that don’t leak. The air is directed towards the coil and channels through the top holes directly to the coil base. The two chimneys present at the bottom receive airflow from the complete airflow system, and the remaining juice gets sucked up by the wick material.

6. GeekVape Zeus Sub Tank

This tank has a top fill and top wind stream framework. The atomizer cartridges are consummately cushioned with cotton, where the juice gets taken care of by the coil. There is no airflow at the base. The liquid should get taken care of through the cotton wick. Any extra juice that might not have been disintegrated has no place to get away, and with the top airflow, there is no leakage. Any liquid staying in the atomizer chamber, at last, gets vaporized instead of spilling.

7. Augvape Intake Cartridge Tank

The Augvape Intake uses replaceable mesh coils for the most intense flavor and execution without modifying loops. Highlights Top wind stream and expandable liquid limit by swapping to the air pocket glass. The replacement coils on this tank are very much developed. The cartridge coils have a lot of level cotton that presses facing the dividers of the cartridge coils. Its tremendous and expanded cartridge padding is seriously lenient when attempting to sort out the ideal movable top airflow setting and wattage.

8. SMOK TFV 16

It holds an enormous 9mm of e-liquid and has three new mesh loops. The manufacturer has replaced the top filling framework, which means no more leakages, and the airflow framework is replaced for more airflow. A locking system in the gasket prevents leakage but makes the top of the tank look cleaner.

9. Uwell Valyrian 2

The Uwell Valyrian II Sub-Ohm Tank is one of all the best vapes that don’t leak. It is a self-cleaning and Pro-FOCS Flavor Tasting Technology. The coil material vaporizes E-juice with adequate efficiency. It helps burn off old juice from the coil to prepare the coil for a new flavor properly.

Atomizer tanks that leak can be very difficult to handle.  We hope we were able to provide you enough information on the vapes that don’t leak and have helped you in choosing the right option.

The leakage of the Atomizer tank is a real issue. We hope this article has helped you to some extent and have provided you with some of the best Atomizer tanks which were best to our knowledge. Leakage in Atomizer tanks can make your vaping experience worse. Eliminate such issues by getting the best atomizer tanks shown above.

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