Akumma Vs. Kratom: The Ultimate Comparative Guide

In this world of technology, the health and wellness industry is no less. Akuamma and Kraton are equally demanded by the customers and there are many providers selling it online and in the retail market.

They started as local plant seeds in their regions and later became one of the biggest assets to the pharma industry.

The country which does not know about the presence of Akuamma and Kraton probably doesn’t exist. To start with, both simply come from nature and are very much effective.

In order to understand both of these plants firmly, let’s look at each of them separately first:



Akuamma is a type of shrub which is usually found in the tropical regions in West Africa. Other than Akuamma it is also known as picralima nitida and vincamajordin. The seeds of Akuamma have been used for medicine for ages. With time passing by, Akuamma seeds are now recognized by the globe. The demand for these seeds has been coming from everywhere and the popularity of these seeds can never be ignored.

The plant Akuamma is grown naturally. These plants can only be found in a rainforest habitat. The height of these plants can extend to 100 ft. After it becomes a tree, almost all the parts of these trees are used including roots, fruits, and barks. All of these parts are generally harvested by the people living in West Africa.

Akuamma is transferred into a powder form to be sold in the market. The very first regions which used the seeds of Akuamma in the form of medicine are Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. Akuamma started as a folk medicine, even by definition it is called a traditional practice of medicine that involves no modern techniques or science.

The seeds of Akuamma are first dried and then transformed into powder form in order to be used for patients and other consumption. Akuamma helps in overcoming various diseases including diarrhea, chronic pains, and malaria. Some have also named it ‘’natural painkiller.’’

Woods extracted from the trees of Akuamma are traded in a huge quantity between the people of West Africa. They believe the quality to be fine and strong.

What is Akuamma made of?

Pharmaceutically there are mainly two components of Aukamma named as Aukammine and alkaloids pericine. Whether the seeds are crushed or available in powder form both of them have equal amounts of alkaloids.

Akuamma is also used for anti-inflammatory effects. Talking about the quantity, in a seed powder, there is a presence of 0.5% volume of Aukammine. Akuamma is also available in the form of capsules in which it has 1.4 mg of Aukkamine in a 250 mg capsule.



Kratom comes from a mitragyna speciosa tree. It is said that it also relates to the coffee tree. Mitragyna speciosa are naturally grown in Southeast Asia. The natives in Asia have been using Kratom since the 1800s. The leaves of mitragyna speciosa are what the ancestors called as Kratom. The leaves can be chewed raw or turned into powder by drying the leaves first. The powder is later turned into capsules to be exported to other countries in need for the right amount.

Just like Akuamma, Kratom contains alkaloids which is one of the major reasons it is in demand on a global scale. Kratom has the presence of many alkaloids, some of them are corylaxine, mitraciliati, speciofoline, speciophyllin, mitraversine, epicatechin, isospeciofoline, ajmalicine, rhynchophylline, isopteropodine, speciogynine, tetrahydro alston.

All of these types of Kratom are found in various regions depending on the habitat and climate. Not to mention, the number of alkaloids also varies in the kratom which is found in different regions.

Health Problems in Which Kratom Helps?

Chewing kratom leaves or consuming them in the form of a capsule helps in preventing many health problems. There are numerous diseases that require the alkaloids present in Kratom in order to be dead.

For these diseases, Kratom works as an energy provider, immunity booster, addiction recovery, cardiac health, mood swings, anxiety, sexual sentiment, stress reduction, diabetes, health pressure, pain relief, and many more.

Over the years, Kratom has been found very useful. After all, it helps with so many health issues. In Southeast Asia, the first diseases which were treated with the help of Kratom were diarrhea and adverse pain.

There are many customers who prefer buying Kraton since they feel the alkaloids from kratom interact with their bodies in the same way any anti-inflammatory drug does. The difference being that kratom is natural and more effective in every aspect of pharma.

Kratom is also used in making a liquid form that is sold for muscle pain, cramps or to lose appetite and sometimes diarrhea. Other than that, people have also used kratom to prevent panic attacks.

Is Kratom Harmful?

Kratom surely is used for many diseases and health issues, but there are many side effects from it which people avoid. Recently, there have been more than 1000 reports of using Kratom recorded which included the death of many of them. This report was issued by Poison Control situated in the United States.

These issues were recorded between the years 2011 and 2017. Other than that there are various side effects of kratom including weight loss, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, constipation. Not only this but kratom is also known for affecting the nervous system. Some problems include dizziness, breathing suppression, coma, death, seizure, depression, hallucination, delusion.

Although there is one thing to keep in mind which is that these medications create such huge problems when the dose which is taken is heavy. It is always recommended to consult a doctor or starting with a light dose in order to handle the effect of these medications.

Difference Between Akuamma And Kratom

It is true that both of these substances are natural, but there are a number of things that vary between both of them. Starting with that the seed of the Akuamma plant is something that is used for making medicine and Kratom is the leaves from a mitragyna speciosa.

Kratom has a number of alkaloids present in them whereas Akuamma has more Aukkamine which is used. Not to mention, alkaloids are present in Akuamma too. Other most important things which come into use here are the diseases that are treated by Akuamma and kratom. This is where the use of both of these herbs varies and creates a huge difference between them.

Akuamma is also considered safer than Kratom as it has much fewer side effects and the research has not found much yet. These herbs have a similar effect which is correct but Kratom is much stronger than Akuamma as it has around 1500 alkaloids but on the other hand, Kratom is more stable and lasts longer.


As long as the need is not huge, it does not matter which one of them you buy.

Just make sure you consult a doctor or professional help before taking any of these substances in use.

Our bodies are sensitive and can be in trouble if we don’t take care of them nicely.

Just use it in a small amount and get rid of all the problems and health issues you have been dealing with.

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