Best Vape Wire Brands for Coil Building & Vaping 2021

Coil Building

A coil is length of wire or rope that has been wounded into series of loops.

Coil Building

Types of coils:

  • Micro Building: Coil with inner diameter of 1 to 2 mm.
  • Macro building: Coil with inner diameter of 2.5 mm and above

How to Make a Coil:

  • Take a vape wire and oxidize it, to make it easier to spring
  • By using a screwdriver, wrap the coil for 4-5 inches of wire.
  • Wrap it, until you reach 8 wraps.
  • Uninstall posts in RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), and use screwdrivers to position the end of coils into post holes.
  • After positioning coil at center of RDA deck, tighten screws softly
  • Remove the screwdriver, and tighten the screws close to posts.

Best Vape Wire Brands

1. Geekvape Wire:

Geekvape Wire

This wire is made up of kanthal wire, Stainless steel, ni200. It is clean flavored, the most durable one. You can get different types of wire, Clapton, juggernaut and many more.

2. Wotofo Wire:

Wotofo Wire

Wotofo presents the wires used in house self-winders on a coil. 8 different wires give vapour the steam experience. Made from the best raw materials and fit to use in the vaping area, the wires have standard properties and are easy to use. It has framed clapton wire, fused Clapton wire, juggernaut wires.

Ratings: 5/5

3. Vandy Vape Wire:

Vandy Vape Wire

Vandy vape wire is known to produce the first class atomizer to equip in-house staff of wires. The wires are manufactured using the best materials available, the unique technology makes the wrap even and stream continuously with vandy vape turn more than a children’s play. It involves 20 different wires.

Ratings: 3.6/5

4. Coilogy:


Coilology MTL (Mouth to Lung) coils in different versions for developing versions for vapers. These are specially developed ultrasonic MTL coils which offer a very precise heating image and low which have self-winding for a good price. It has chain link, juggernaut, multi-core fused Clapton, and multi strand fused clapton, chain link, fused Clapton.

Ratings: 4/5

5. Wireoptim:


The WIREOPTIM Coil Wire Winding Kit makes it a breeze to wrap jewellery wire & other wire into perfect coiled sections. Included is a tough zipper case to keep all parts organized and protected. Rods are in 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm diameters. Wand-style rod tool with threaded cap Mini screwdriver for screw placement Zipper case.

6. Kidney Puncher:

Kidney Puncher

The wires are used by several coil builders because of the superb quality. The collection is well arranged with all metals, and also ribbon and rectangle wire. Available sizes of Kidney Puncher wire are .4mm, .5mm, .6mm, and .8mm all by .1mm

Ratings: 4.6/5

7. Stealthy Vape:

Stealthy Vape

Stealth Vape is a UK site that offers vaping wires of good quality. Most UK vapers buy from Stealth Vape and their quality is second to the best resistive wires on the market. Like many UK vape sites, Stealth Vape ships internationally. The delivery options like Royal Mail, DHL, Fedex, etc are the best.

Rating:  2.6/5

8. EMCo Kanthal A1 wire

EMCo Kanthal A1 wire

It is securely spooled. It is not only a cheap grade wire, but possesses great quality. The 28 gauge and 32 gauge are bold and strong. Highly recommended from seller.

Ratings: 4.6/5

Best Coil Buds:

A good understanding and a few things taken into consideration, will help us to choose the best coil buds. The main things on which one should be selective, Airflow, Wire Gauge, Inner Diameter, Coil Positioning.

  • The best Cloud based vape coils are Dual Coil 24 Gauge, 22 Gauge Macro coil, The Clapton coil.
  • The best Flavor based vape coils are The Tri-Core Fused Alien Clapton Coil, The Framed Staple Alien, The staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coil

Vape Coils:

Technically called as atomizers, vape coils are the wires wrapped in a spiral shape around e-cig wicking material

Vape Coils

Different Type of Vaping Coils:

  • Vertical Coil: A single wrap of wire running from bottom to top. It runs in a coil, so that air moves through the centre of the coil.
  • Dual Coil: Two wraps of wire, side by side, doubling the elements to produce more vapour.
  • Multiple Coil: More than three coils, with massive area, used for DL (Direct Lung) vaping.
  • Twisted Coils: Multiple strands of wire wrapped around each other
  • Triple Coils: Three wraps of wire, wrapped to produce large amount of vapour and used as sub-ohm coils
  • sub-ohm coils

How To improve Durability of Vape Coils:

  • Saturate the Wicking Material
  • Avoid dry hits
  • Don’t heat the coil beyond the temperature
  • Choose the coil with best quality

How To Clean Vape Coils?

  • Take out the wicks from coils
  • Burn the coils
  • Remove the atomizer and place it under running water.
  • Try to clean with a small brush and dry it.

Best Vape Wires Brand Qualities:

  • The Cleaned One
  • The Flavored One
  • The Durable One
  • The qualified one
  • The efficient one

Wire Gauges:

Wire Gauges

The best vapes are built with gauges which are of 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 diameter wires. If the diameter is small, the wire will be large. The resistance and diameter are inversely proportional to each other. If resistance is low, wire will take more time to heat up.

Type of Vape Wires:

Kanthal Wire:

  • Kanthal is an alloy of ferritic iron and chromium-aluminum alloy
  • Kanthal has a resistance towards oxidation
  • It’s cheap, easily available in vape shops and online
  • Works in wattage mode only, flavors are unresponsive
  • Heat up time is slow

NiChrome Wire:

  • NiChrome is an alloy of Chromium, nickel and carbon.
  • The wire is thin, so heats up fast
  • It’s inexpensive, works in wattage mode only.
  • When compared with kanthal wire, this one has a low melting point.

Stainless Steel:

  • This is a group of ferrous alloys, carbon, silicon and manganese
  • It has a clean and good flavor.
  • This can be wounded into any form and shape.
  • The TC and wattage are easily fitted.
  • Some grades are not compatible with users

Titanium Wire:

  • It is the most different among all wires.
  • When heated over 1130F, it releases titanium dioxide, which is poisonous.
  • It is easy to hold, which is stronger than Nickel
  • Can’t be used with wattage, hard to find


  • The pure Nickel, is also called Ni200.
  • Heated over 600F, the nickel wire can produce graphite.
  • Heats faster than Kanthal wire.
  • It’s cheap and contain a clean flavor
  • It can’t hold shape

With many type of vape wires, it’s difficult to choose one of best in them. The process may be difficult and time being, but it’s fun and joy choosing the best. The exploration of theses coils is the most entertaining habit and hobby.

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