Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada 2021

In today’s situation, Canada and most of the states in the US have legalized marijuana and this has created a boom in the purchase of the purest form of marijuana seeds. People who smoke weed regularly prefer to grow their own cannabis seeds.

If you’re the one who spends loads of time and money searching for a marijuana dealer then you can prefer growing your cannabis seeds to save time and money. It not only saves money but also allows the users to choose their seed according to their personal needs. Some people may prefer to consume Sativa variants while others will love to take Indica.

Searching for the same type of variant from a dealer is a hectic task and they never work that way. This kind of dealer may take stocks from different growers and while taking stocks from different people the variant will differ and people cannot expect the same variant from the same dealer. Most of the dedicated smokers will have a unique taste and they will not change that particular variant of marijuana.

Every type of marijuana will have different kinds of effects. For growing the seed, you must first purchase a marijuana seed of your preference from a reputed company. Most of the companies in Canada are legalized for weed delivery dc.

Best Canadian Seed Banks In 2021

Before choosing the best seed banks in Canada, people should know some basic things that are required to run a successful seed bank. If you’re buying seeds from Canada then 60 % of the problem is over and there is no need to worry about purchasing seeds from Canada. Most importantly marijuana is legalized in Canada, people over 21 years old can purchase and use Marijuana. Because of this reason, your seeds will not be confiscated by the government.

If you prefer to purchase cannabis seeds from different places then you must check whether the seed banks deliver the seed to your location or not. If the seed bank delivers seeds to your location then check for some legal points before purchasing seed from a seed bank that is located in other places. Most of the Canadian seed banks are legalized and it also supports weed delivery dc, so choosing the seed bank which is located in Canada will be the best option for regular users.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana ILGM (One of the best seed banks in Canada)

If you’re looking for a legalized and professional seed bank in Canada then you can prefer buying seed in ILGM. They have 25 years of Cannabis seed growing experience and people can explore the well-organized site before purchasing the seed with them. They have a wide variety of cannabis seeds in which people can choose the preferred seeds for both experienced and novice consumers.

The extensive strain catalog which is available in this company will help people in choosing the right seed and the multiple growing guides will help people in growing the seeds in the right way. This company ships weed seeds all over the world and it also supports weed delivery dc.

If you have a particular taste or flavor then they will help you in finding the exact thing which you’re looking for. The limited shipping options that are available in this company have made many people suffer a lot, sometimes it may take up to 25 days to have the seeds in your location.

2. Crop King Seeds

Crop king seeds are the second reputed cannabis seed seller and they hold 15 years of experience in growing and selling cannabis seeds. They help the growers to achieve the maximum THC levels of that particular variant. These THC levels are achieved by changing and improving the genetics of cannabis seeds. Crop king seeds are ideal for both experienced and novice growers as they have a wide variety of seeds in them.

CKS strains all over the world and because of this reason they have a variety of cannabis seeds like new hybrid varieties and they also have classic Indica and Sativa variants to help the consumers find the right cannabis seed. Crop king seeds promise a germination level of 80% and CKS also promises their customers that they will replace the item if not delivered properly or if the customer is not satisfied by the product which is delivered. Crop king seeds have developed some new variants and these variants are suitable for many customers.

This kind of new hybrid variant is available only in crop king seeds, people can find the desired seeds by applying some filters on the official website. You can choose the filters based on THC levels, seed type, flavor, and much more. Like other companies crop king seeds also deliver products all over the world and it also supports weed delivery dc. Crop king seeds cares a lot about the privacy of the customer and hence it never saves the payment details and other personal information.

3. Rocket Seeds

Rocket seeds are not the direct seed banks they act as a mediator between the seed banks and the buyers. Rocket seeds have made deals with various seed banks and growers to provide a wide variety of seeds for their customers. Timely delivery, customer services, and the flourishing package has made rocket seeds achieve the top place in online cannabis seed delivery. Smokers can choose the best variety of marijuana seeds according to their taste and flavor.

You can find all the varieties of seeds in Rocket seeds but they never provide customers germination guarantee as they are mediators.  Canadian customers will receive the package with high priority and it also supports weed delivery dc. Compared to other companies they deliver products quickly because they grow only fast version seeds which grow and flowers faster than a normal variant, this will help smokers who prefer to harvest seeds fatly.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have listed some reputed marijuana seed suppliers and people can find the best cannabis seeds by purchasing seeds from these companies. People can choose the seed supplier by considering factors like variant, time of delivery, and most importantly the THC levels and germination rates.

Some people will look at the time of delivery while others may have different preferences so according to the preference, people can find the best Marijuana seed supplier in Canada and surrounding areas.

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