Buying Marijuana Seeds In India 2021

Since buying weed seeds in India is becoming legal in many cities and states in India, its lack of recreational or medical legality makes many people show interest in cultivating and growing its plants.

But many people don’t know how to cultivate weed seeds or buy weed seeds in India as a beginner.

Hence, in this guide today, we will let you know all about how to grow the marijuana plant as a beginner. Also, we have selected the best five marijuana seeds which you can buy and use to grow your marijuana plants as a beginner.

In addition, we have included helpful information about each strain of marijuana seeds to help you buy the best seeds for your plants.

So let’s get started.

Buy Weed Seeds In India: Legality

Marijuana products and cannabis seeds have been a big part of the Indian culture and heritage for many years. Hindus mostly use them in their ritual and religious practices, including holi, etc.

But, we can’t deny that there’s a strict law on the usage and distribution of the marijuana flower or resin and can result in hefty fines and jail sentences.

However, the cannabis law of India does not give back the well-established welcoming of cannabis.

As per the specific jurisdictions, it is legal to buy cannabis even though it is illegal to do so in many jurisdictions of India.

And the other outgrowths, such as bhang, are legal in several jurisdictions and cannabis seeds.

Buy Weed Seeds In India: How To Sprout Them?

The flourishing of the marijuana seeds in India is highly rewardable since it gives its cultivators a chance to participate in their new flavors and effects for relaxation or medical purposes.

When To Sprout Them?

Since India is in the northern hemisphere, the perfect time to plant the seeds is from March to May.

However, if you reside in the colder northern regions, it would be ideal for you to sprout the seeds in early May, but it may be ideal for sprouting the weed seeds from the tropical southern region.

Moreover, there are some things, which you need to consider when you are growing marijuana seeds in India.

They are :

  1. Law enforcement
  2. Diseases and pests
  3. Roberts

Some tips for growing marijuana seeds in India

  1. Purchasing – Buy the seeds from a reliable and reputable store or seed bank so that you can find the authentic seeds which give the best results.
  2. Regional Climate – When you buy the seeds from a reliable store, you can also find the seed strains of that flower with a specific exhibitor window to get the desired characteristics as per your regional climate.
  3. Preparation – You need to prepare your cannabis garden before you are about to plant the marijuana seeds; after the seeds are shipped to you, wait until your garden can grow the seeds.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds In India?

There are two best options to buy marijuana seeds.

1. Buying From the Local Cannabis Seed Store

As per the Indian law, cannabis seeds and plant foliage is not illegal because of their historical usage in bhang and until those parts don’t cause psychedelic effects on the smoker however due to the marijuanalaw in India is prohibited even though it is used for medical or any other cause.

So it means there are no resources to buy from the local seed store.

2. Online Seed Bank

It is the safest and one of the best ways to purchase marijuana seeds in India from an online store that ships to India.

Pro tip – You can buy your marijuana seeds from crop King seeds and msnl seed bank; they also ship to India.

Which Seeds To Buy?

Suppose you are somebody who wishes to grow marijuana seeds. In that case, you must ensure that you cultivate female plants because the male plants only produce pollen and do not produce flowers, but the female plants produce flowers essential for the growth of marijuana seeds.


It is important to note that not all high-yielding strains have the best quality, although some vintage strains can give high yields.

Flowering Period

For the strains that fall into the auto-flowering category, their flowering time is much shorter than the usual flowering time of the type strains.

You can expect to see your strain flowering in around eight weeks if it is an auto-flowering strain.

Additionally, auto-flowering strains do not rely on the changes in their light-dark circle to flower.

Thus, as a beginner, it gets easy to grow them.

Diseases That Can Affect It

The significant diseases & pests that can affect weed are mold, powdery mildew, and spider mites since some strains have high resistance to mold and disease.

Even though this inherently can notably increase the chances of getting a healthy high yielding crop at the end.

Five Best Marijuana Seeds To Buy

Here are 5 best marijuana seeds to buy:

1. Granddaddy

This seed strain is 100%indica and gives flowers within 8-10 weeks, and is a perfect choice for those who live in the northern region.

2. Hash Plant

The seed strain of the hash plant has a very massive resin content. It is a must for those who want to produce their bhang or top-shelf flowers.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an absolute choice for those who live in the tropical regions of India. It produces a huge yield and enthusiastic potency, and it takes 9-10 weeks for flowering and can grow in warmer climates of India.

4. Easy Bud ( Hybrid )

It is one of the straightforward strains to grow, and it is an auto-flowering strain. In addition, it can be grown outdoors indoors as well; however, it can do its best in a hot semi-humid climate.

After 3-4 weeks, it will automatically start to flower, and it takes 8-9 weeks to harvest.

5. Papaya ( indica dominant hybrid)

Papaya is a heavily Indica dominant Hybrid and is easy to grow along with its being naturally powdery mildew and mold.

Moreover, it manufactures very high yields, and as per the experienced papayagrowers, it is suggested to strain outdoors since it prospers within a Mediterranean climate.


You can quickly get started with the easy bud strains to grow your marijuana plant as a beginner without much hard work and since it’s an auto-flowering strain. And also, ensure to buy your marijuana seeds from a reliable store to get authentic seeds for your marijuana plant.

We hope this article helps you gain valuable insight into the context of buying marijuana seeds in India and implement this knowledge in the best possible manner.

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