Cheap Cannabis Seeds – Best “Bang for Your Buck” 2021

Buying expensive cannabis seeds when you want to grow your marijuana can be a very costly affair for you if you are just a startup and a beginner in this industry.

However, there are many cheap cannabis seeds available in the market that you can use to grow your marijuana. Still, at the same instance, it is witnessed that many of the cheap cannabis seeds are not even worthy of your small investment.

Although it doesn’t mean that now there’s no choice left for you to buy the very expensive cannabis seeds to maintain the quality, there are many cannabis seeds in the market that have high quality and are cost-effective.

Therefore, today we will give you a list of 7 cheap cannabis seeds on a budget so that you can start to grow your marijuana as soon as possible.

1. Black Widow Seeds

  • THC level – 28%
  • Version – Feminized
  • Indica/Sativa – Indica dominant hybrid
  • Flowering time – 8-9 weeks
  • Yield – 350 – 400 gems
  • Effects – Tranquilizing, joyful and moderate
  • Growth Difficulty – Easy 

Black widow seeds are one of the feminized cheap cannabis seeds with a great potent punch.

They have body shattering potency, ultra-fast flowering, and these seeds are easy to grow.

However, we don’t recommend these seeds for those who have just started up and have a low tolerance level. Moreover, it would help if you prepared yourself for a comparatively sized crop that is bursting with resin with booming terpenes irrespective of where you are growing the black widow plants.

If you plan to purchase the black widow seeds, then be ready to spend hours and hours in sedation, body numbing ecstasy and euphoria.

Indeed, the black widow seeds, with their amazing features, is a must to invest without emptying your wallet to purchase them.

2. Black Domina Seeds

  • THC level – 20%
  • Version – Feminized
  • Indica/Sativa – Indica dominant hybrid
  • Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks
  • Yield – 400/500 gms
  • Effects – Modified, analgesic and languorous
  • Growth Difficulty – Easy

They are one of the cheap cannabis seeds in the united states of America which give rise to radical rich indica dominant flowers, and they grow into small and thick plants which flower within eight weeks.

In addition to this, the black domina seed strain is an ideal choice for cultivating indoors and without needing to invest every single dollar in it for professionals or pupils like you.

These seeds are admired for their amazing taste buds filled to the peak of body-numbing THC and terpenes, and they can overpower your senses within a single go.

3. White Rhino Seeds

  • THC level – 22%
  • Version – Feminized, Regular
  • Indica/Sativa – Indica
  • Flowering Time – 8-10 weeks
  • Yield – 400/500 gms
  • Effects – Relaxed, euphoric and joyful.
  • Growth Difficulty – Moderate / Easy

White Rhino Seeds are ideal for curing anxiety, depression and pain and their buds are woody and earthy, which can be harsh to an extent for those who are not used to consuming them.

Its seed strain manufactures short plants with a high THC and medium amount of CBD and can be used for medical reasons.

Ensure to grow white rhino indoors and at a place where there’s sufficient space to support its wide growth, low and pattern.

You can expect the average harvest of 400 to 500 grams per square meter if it is done according to the sea of green method.

They have different options as well, and you can check them out on the website.

4. Strawberry Kush Seeds

  • THC level – 18%
  • Version – Feminized
  • Indica/Sativa – Indica dominant hybrid
  • Flowering Time – 8-9 weeks
  • Yield – 400 to 650 gms
  • Effects – Euphoric, innovative and calming.
  • Growth Difficulty – Easy 

The strawberry kush flowers are filled with enough terpenes and contain much THC to make you buzz all day and night, and their seed strain has robust growth, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Moreover, every type of cannabis collector can enjoy these seeds as the seed strain of strawberry kush seeds is indica dominant.

5. Afghani Seeds

  • THC Level- 20%
  • Version – Regular
  • Indica /Sativa-Indica
  • Flowering time – 10 weeks
  • Yield – 550 grams
  • Effects – content and inventive
  • Growth difficulty – experienced 

Afghani Seeds are one of the cheap cannabis seeds, including Indica dominant hybrid, which allows it to grow outdoor and indoor within ten weeks, and it contains high levels of CBD and THC ranging from 17% to 20%.

These seeds are named ” Afghani seeds” due to their originality and since the plants of this strain were found within the High mountains of Afghanistan.  

In addition to this, the strain of afghani seeds generates a very large yield, and you can anticipate the harvest of 500 grams per square meter if you grow it indoors.

6. Blueberry Seeds

  • THC level – 22%
  • Version – Regular, Auto flower, Feminized
  • Indica/Sativa – 20% of Sativa and 80% of Indica
  • Flowering Time – 9 weeks
  • Yield – 500 grams in indoor cultivation and 700 grams in outdoor cultivation
  • Effects – Joyous and sleepy
  • Growth Difficulty – Medium 

Blueberry seeds have 75% of an Indica strain, which means it is easy to grow, and it gives a relaxing feeling since it has 20%of THC and 1.4% CBD when it is smoked.

Additionally, the strain of blueberry seeds is very popular and for a long time, many coffee shops have been using it for many decades.

This strain is easy to grow even as a beginner.

And you can also get up to 500 grams of fruity and purplish flavored buds if you grow them indoors.

This strain is also used for treating medical cases since it can reduce anxiety, pain, and stress.

7. Bubblegum Seeds

  • THC level – 18%
  • Version – Auto flower and feminized
  • Indica / sativa – creative and relaxing
  • Flowering Time – 8-9 weeks
  • Yield – Indica dominant hybrid
  • Effects – 400 to 500 grams
  • Growth Difficulty – Easy 

These seeds are easy to grow, delicious taste-wise, and cheap as well.

Even though they are cheap, but their quality isn’t, it has decadent Indica-like efforts, and it innovates such plants, which are easy to medium them within the indoor gardens.

In addition to this, its seed strain presents many restorative efforts and leisure efforts, including the increase in happiness and creativity.


So, these are the seven best cheap cannabis seeds which you can start using to grow your own marijuana without compromising with the end result and quality of the seeds. Start with one type of seed in the beginning with the required implementation method and let your marijuana plant grow.

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