Godfather OG Seeds (Feminized)

Cannabis has many kinds of seeds and all the variants are used for various reasons and purposes. Cannabis seeds are used for the treatment of various medical complications and because of this reason cannabis strains are becoming more popular than earlier. Godfather OG is one of the most famous strains globally.

As the name implies it is the don of all the OG Kush seeds that are available in the market. This variant is extremely popular in southern California and it is the most loved strain among all the cannabis variants. This kind of Indica variant is the mix of Alpha OG and XXX OG which has a THC level of 28%.

It has also obtained 1st place for the best Indica variant from the high time’s cannabis cup in the year 2013. Godfather OG seeds can also be mixed with other kinds of cannabis variants to achieve the maximum THC levels. Godfather OG feminized seeds are famous for treating insomnia and chronic pain and it is said to be the most commonly used medical strain for curing various mental illnesses and physical problems.

Godfather OG has three different combinations from many kinds of cannabis seeds namely the mix of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush which is the bestselling cannabis seed with 28% to 30% of THC value.

The THC value is dependent on the growing conditions and genetic background of that particular seed. Users can feel the taste of grape in some mix of Godfather OG seeds, it gives a calm and relaxing effect after consumption. If you’re looking for a strain to stay active for a long time then you must prefer to take a different kind of cannabis seed. Godfather OG seeds can be used for enhancing creativity in various fields.

Effects of Having Godfather OG Seeds

After consuming Godfather OG seeds you may have a pleasant highness with a cerebral rush which will let you enjoy a lot and you may feel happy after consuming this variant. In some cases, users have reported that the mind has become active and clear after the consumption of Godfather OG.

It is also termed as a feel-good strain because the hidden happiness in you will burst out after consuming it. As per the survey, it is said that the Godfather OG is good to take in evening and night times because of the feel it provides while consuming. The euphoric effect that is provided by this kind of variant will make you think from a different perspective of life.

Adverse Reactions of Taking Godfather OG Seeds

Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance of GodfatherOG Seeds

You may feel the dryness in your eyes which will be the highest reaction of taking GodfatherOG seeds. This variant will make you drink a lot of water which means you will feel the dryness in your mouth and it will also make you anxious, dizzy and you may feel a headache after taking this variant.

Newbies are not advised to take this kind of weed because of the stimulating effect and the highness. The highness of this weed will relax your mind but it is necessary to manage the mind before taking this kind of weed.

In short, this weed will reduce anxiety and will take you to the world of happiness for regular smokers. Newbies can try some other kinds of variants that are available in the market because for newbies THC levels must be a bit low so that they too can feel happy and can enter the world of creativity.

The growing techniques are really easy so that even a newbie can grow and achieve bud in a short time. People can expect sudden cerebral highness which results in deep sedation so that the person can sleep well.

Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance of GodfatherOG Seeds

If you have ever experienced the smell of grass which is filled out of the water then you can expect the same or a slightly different smell from the smoke of GodfatherOG seeds. In some variants, it may smell pungent and, in that case, you can confirm that the weed is on top-shelf because this variant has a THC value of up to 28%.

Users can also feel the flavor of the grape scent if the variant is really good. This feminized variant contains 60% of Indica and 40% of Sativa. It takes up to 49-63 days to flower and it gives real highness if consumed. This plant looks like a Christmas tree and its buds are densely packed with purple-colored flowers.

The appearance of this variant is slightly different when compared to other variants because the flowers are purple colored and the bud is closely packed. This variant is a God for all kinds of strains because of the equally distributed THC and CBD levels in it. The various kinds of flavors available in Godfather OG are pine, woody, herbal, and grape.

The flowering time for this variant may differ as it grows well in September and October in outdoor conditions. As it is the hybrid of Indica and Sativa variants the height will be moderate and the bunch of leaves will be broad while the single leaf may look tall. CBD levels may vary from 0.1% to 0.7% according to the growing conditions.

Phenotypes of Godfather OG Seeds

Phenotypes of Godfather OG Seeds

Phenotypes can also be called the extra features that are available in cannabis seeds other than the normal strains. Genotypes that are present in Godfather OG seeds are responsible for the outcome of phenotypes because they exhibit phenotypes when Godfather OG seeds are exposed to the environment.

Special Features of Godfather OG Seeds

The flower buds in Godfather OG seeds may become frosty and dense after treatment and these symptoms are the same as that of the other Kush strains. Other Kush strains may have the same effect after treatment. The sexy appearance of the Godfather OG seeds is because of the large-sized calyxes. These calyxes are covered with bright purple pistils and trichomes which gives her a pleasant and appealing look.

You can feel the difference between outdoor grown seeds and indoor-grown seeds because outdoor-grown Godfather OG seeds heights are 4.5 to 6.5 feet which are 140 to 200 cm long, on the other hand, the indoor-grown Godfather OG seeds will grow up to 3.5 to 4.5 feet which is 100 cm to 140cm.

Final Thoughts

Godfather OG is perfect for novice growers and people who prefer to take strains with High THC levels. People can choose these kinds of strains for recreational purposes that may help people in creating artworks and other kinds of art-related fields.

Regular stoners who undergo various struggles and looking for relaxation can also prefer to take this kind of weed as it helps people to overcome many critical situations by calming the mind. This variant also helps people in overcoming anxiety, stress, and some other kinds of mental illness.

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