How Can Cocaine Comedown Make You Tired And Sleepy?

Cocaine, aka Coke, is a stimulant, well-known party drug harmful to health and the mind. It is an illegal substance, i.e. a drug made up of a coca plant that first developed in South America. In the 19th century, it was discovered by scientists who made it to treat ailments. However, slowly and gradually, it proved to be an addictive and harmful substance. Cocaine comes in powder form as well as crack Coke with the small rock-like drugs.

It can lead to complex psychological and physical problems, ultimately affecting the life of a person. Coke is also known as a stimulant because physically, it can work with the central nervous system and produce high energy and mentally can create sharp thoughts, Make you feel bright and happy. But all these things lead to adverse effects in future.

People experience many side effects and Comedown when they start abusing it. Too much coke consumption, a destructive substance, leads to mental breakdown, sleep deprivation, tiredness, etc. When people get addicted to it, they find it difficult to cut down its intake.

So let’s know more about the after-effects of Coke, Remedies and how to sleep after doing Coke? 

People who are addicted to Cocaine can experience severe Comedown and effects. Hangover and Comedown are two different effects that create several heinous impacts on mental and physical health. The only difference between the two is that a hangover occurs for a short period after bingeing on a particular drug or substance and has less intense effects. However, comedown occurs after an uncountable intake of a drug, i.e., addiction.

In comedown, a person develops a significant tolerance towards a drug and needs the same amount every day to reach that level. A coke comedown starts when the drug starts wearing off and leads to unpleasant effects on the body.


The rebound effect, crash and Comedown are different types of after-effects of Coke.

The following are severe effects of a comedown:

  • Runny nose, Headache, Body aches and pains
  • Nausea, Restlessness, Chills/increased sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat, Irritability, Anxiety or depression
  • Insomnia, despite fatigue, Appetite changes
  • Drug cravings

The comedown period can last longer, and the body takes more time to recover itself. The comedown period is unavoidable, and the greater the intake of the drug, the greater is the period of the Comedown effect.

Comedown effect

How Can Cocaine Make You Feel Sleepy?

Cocaine hits the brain very fast, metabolizes the drug rapidly, and the effects wear off within an hour. Like other stimulants, it makes you feel energetic and awake at first; however, it leads to insomnia and restlessness later.

The sleep decreases initially and increases at a high pace in a few hours. Coke makes people sleepy and is also known as the Rebound effect, the body trying to recover itself to its usual self. It is a harmful state for the body, and one should consult for medical treatment in such cases.

How Can Cocaine Make You Feel Tired?

Snorting cocaine speeds up your energy, but eventually, the drug wears off. It is the state when the person starts feeling tired and even sad for days.

 People feel tired due to a combination of the following things:

  • Crashing- It is intense exhaustion that occurs after a few days of intake of the drug. This crash can last longer than the High effects of Coke itself. People feel lethargic and yawn all the time during this time. The crash is the most dangerous stage since people get the craving to intake the drug again.
  • Body Recovery or Withdrawal Fatigue- The intake of the drug for an extended period takes a toll on your body. A person experiences an increase in heartbeat, restlessness and blood pressure. However, all these effects are felt once the coke crash starts and the body recovers. The body starts feeling the exhaust from the usage of the drug. Withdrawal fatigue increases the inability to sleep, and the body feels tired.

How to Sleep After Doing Coke?

Giving up on the usage of Cocaine after extreme addiction might become problematic for a person since the body is addicted to the drug. However, learning to stop and staying up to your decision is essential.

As Your body needs rest so one should Allow it to recover by doing the following:

  • Therapy- One can visit a rehab and attend their therapy sessions. One on one talk therapy helps people to learn and address drug abuse. Even group meetings with a similar group of people help in recovery.
  • Learn Relaxation Activities- Do yoga, exercise and listen to soothing music that can ultimately help you sleep. Use stress relaxation apps to calm your mind. Or use some medicated lavender oils or scented products to create a relaxed and positive environment around you.
  • Go on a Break- Stop socializing for a few days and take a break from your daily routine activity. Try to work on yourself and avoid stressful things.
  • Eat a Healthy diet- Having a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, vegetables, and fruits daily is necessary. Also, take proper amounts of fluid such as Juice, isotonic drinks. Keep your body hydrated through the water as well. It increases metabolism and speeds up the recovery process.
  • Develop Healthy Habits- Make yourself a timetable chart. Take a relaxing bath, read a book and do some relaxing activities at night. Dress up in the daytime and prepare your meals and fill your stomach. All these activities can bring your sleep schedule back on time. And will reset your body clock as well.

An Overview

Your body energy might take time to recover, but it will soon be on track if you follow these steps daily. Quick and fast recovery of body health depends on various factors, for example, the usage of the substance, its overall period, and body health.

Always, stay-around positive people who make you feel comfortable, safe and happy. Living in a supportive environment helps to recover from such a situation faster than anything else. Just treat a Comedown of coke crash as a typical hangover, flu or cold. Take proper rest, have a fluid and balanced diet; it will recover soon.

If you ever feel you still need help, then reach out for help. The doctor and mental health experts provide the best medication. Keep faith in yourself as each person’s recovery period is different and takes time.

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