How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

In general, all the food products and other items on your shelf may become rotten after some days. Even all the snacks and other eatables will become rotten, and they will be unfit for intake. But weed is a product that can be stored for a very long time, and the only thing is that it will never give the actual highness of a fresh weed. This is because of the excessive dryness and the reduction of THC and CBD levels in the weed.

You can store weed for about two to three months and a maximum of 6 months, and the time period can be extended if stored properly. But in some scenarios, people may have forgotten the bag of weed that is stored on the shelf, or they may leave a container of weed for about one to two years, and all of a sudden, it will be visible to their eyes after several days.

Have you ever been surprised by a bag of weed that is found after years? If yes, then you must be having several doubts about that bag of weed, and a common doubt that arises in this scenario is how long does weed stay good?

In this article, we will be discussing the storage of weed, and we will also discuss the loss of THC and CBD levels that happens when we store a weed for a long time. In many cases, this kind of weed will be stiff, and it may become dry. The only good thing is that weed is that it never goes bad, and it can be used any time if stored in a dry and clean place.

If it is stored in humid places, then the possibilities for the development of bacteria and viruses are very high. So, the highness of a weed can be determined by calculating the level of THC and CBD levels. THC and CBD levels will remain constant if the weed is fresh.

How Long Does the Weed Stay Fresh?

How Long Does Weed Stay Good

As discussed earlier, weed can stay fresh for up to 6 months to one year if the weed is properly harvested, dried, and cured before packing them. But if you’re lucky enough, then you can easily stretch the timeline for up to one and a half years if the weed is stored in a dry location.

Over time you can expect the loss of aroma and potency of that weed because these items can lose a lot of THC levels if kept unused for a long time. According to research, it is said that the weed loses up to 16% of THC values in one year, and it keeps on dropping from there.

Weed is specially used for some medicinal purposes, and it is also used to cure some mental issues. So, if the weed loses its aroma and THC values, then it might not have any effect after consuming.

How to Find Whether the Weed Is Old or New?

Mold Inspection in Weed

The freshness of the weed can be found by the smell and aroma, and if the weed is new, then it must have a good aroma; other than the aroma, you can find the freshness by inspecting the texture of the aroma seeds and leaves. A fresh weed will always be stiff, and if the weed crumbles or if the weed is very soft, then you may suspect that the weed is old.

The question of how long does weed stay good also gives us a doubt whether we can consume the old weed or not. Yes, you can consume it, but you should not expect the same aroma and freshness that a new package gives. In some cases, moldy can be formed in weed, and because of this, you may feel sick after consuming it.

Mold Inspection in Weed

Does Weed Go Bad

A moldy inspection can be done by using a microscopic lens, and these lenses will let you inspect thoroughly. Moldy is a white powdery layer that can be found in weed which is kept for more than a year. If you prefer to consume old weeds, then they must be inspected properly before using them. Moldiness is a small particle and it may also smell like hay.

People using this kind of weed cannot expect any kind of taste because of the presence of moldy. People consuming this weed may have coughing, vomiting, and nausea but other than this you cannot expect major health problems for normal people because of moldy weeds. But on the other hand, people having less immunity power may face some critical problems and sometimes this moldy weed can also cause death. So, it is better to trash the moldy weed than consuming it.

Does Weed Go Bad?

Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Weed Fresh

Yes, weed may go bad but the weed which has moldy formation on it can be thrown out, other than that weeds can be used after a long time of storage if stored properly. There are various factors for the loss of aroma and flavor in your weed.

If the weed is placed in excessive light and if it is placed open for a long time then the taste and aroma of that weed may differ however the weed can be used unless it is exposed to moisture. Storing weed in moist places should be avoided because this can create mold.

Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Weed Fresh

It is better to store the weed in a good place than to let it dry and waste. Weed can be stored in a plastic paper and then it can be put into an airtight container which does not allow the light, and air to pass through it so that the weed can stay fresh and it never loses the aroma if stored properly for one year.

The more you expose weed to environmental factors like light, air, and moisture the more the weed gets old and loses its aroma and smell. Cannabis has a wide range of products and each product should be maintained differently. For storing cannabis leaves you can use some airtight mason glass jars to avoid exposure to sunlight and air.

To keep your bud safe, you can also prefer purchasing a glass jar that is designed especially for the storage of marijuana leaves so that it will ensure the safety of leaves in all situations. Edibles usually come in packages so it is better to leave them in a stock package to maintain the aroma and flavor of your bud.

Concentrates can be stored in small airtight glass jars which are made of glass, silicone, or similar material to maintain the chillness. Generally, you can keep all these variants in airtight containers to avoid the formation of bacteria and fungus. Placing these jars in dark areas can maintain the flavor and aroma of the seed for a long time.


It can be a cannabis seed or leaf; the storage and maintenance must be in the right way for prolonging the aroma and flavor of Marijuana.

This can cost you some money for the purchase of airtight glass containers or jars, but this will help in maintaining the taste flavor and it also helps in protecting the marijuana.

As discussed earlier moldy will be a dangerous thing for cannabis products and if it is found in your bud then it will be unfit for usage.

Marijuana strains have different kinds of effects on different dosages so to maintain the natural outcome they should be stored properly. By reviewing this article people can get to know how long does weed stays good.

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