How Much Does A Pound of Weed Cost?

Marijuana, weed, grass, dope, and pot are different names for the same drug that originated from the cannabis plant. These are wild plants with multiple purposes. These plants produce drugs from every part, including leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds.

The type of drugs derived from these plants is either Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica. People also consume a hybrid of these two types. The main component that differentiates these types is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration. Due to this, weed is considered an illicit substance.

Weed Prices

Despite being an illegal and controlled substance in many countries, these are consumed for various purposes. And due to high demand, limited production, the rates of weed differ in different countries.

Weed Prices

Statistically speaking, weed is the most expensive in the following countries:

1. Tokyo, Japan:

  • Price per gram: 32.66 USD
  • Japan does not give fair treatment to anyone found using drugs, including weed. Cannabis users face penalties and strict punishments if necessary. If foreigners are caught for substance abuse, they are permanently banned from entering the country ever.

2. Seoul, South Korea:

  • Price per gram: 32.44 USD
  • Korean people use cannabis for fabrics. They cultivate hemp for the same purpose. However, South Korea declared cannabis illegal in 1976 due to concerns regarding the US military.
  • In 2015, out of 11,916 total arrests, 1,100 were registered for drug crimes.
  • The South Korean police have the right to ask and test anyone for substance abuse using a hair follicle. By this sample, the police can recognize THC content that can date back to three years ago in some cases. So, it is an efficient way to detect weed consumption.

3. Kyoto, Japan:

  • Price per gram: 29.65 USD
  • In Kyoto, Japan, the use and possession of drug substances can cost anyone a fortune, along with punishment. As discussed above, Japan has harsh drug laws that can send the offenders on a long-term lock-up for 5-10 years.

4. Hong Kong, China

  1. Price per gram: 27.48 USD
  2. In China, there is strict implementation of the Violating Chapter 134 that states the Dangerous Drug Ordinance. If anyone is found with the possession or use of weed, the law exercises stiff penalties. Drug trafficking can result in life imprisonment. If consumers are caught possessing and using weed, it can cost a 128,000USD fine and seven years.

5. Washington DC, USA

  1. Price per gram: 18.08 USD
  2. An ounce, or 28 grams of weed in Washington DC, US costs nearly 506.18 USD. It is one of the expensive weeds selling states. Washington DC has legalized recreational as well as medical weed for adults, but it is illegal to buy it.
  3. In the US, eight states have legalized recreational marijuana, including California, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. In the rest of the states, medical purpose marijuana is legalized.

Cost of a Pound of Weed

Cost of a Pound of Weed

We discussed the per gram rate of weed in different countries. Now, let’s take a look at how much is a pound of weed.

In Washington, DC, US, possession and use of weed has been legal since 2014. Selling is illegal, and the police are actively tracking down those who make trades of the same.

Generally speaking, a pound of weed ranges anywhere between $1660 and $2154 in the USA. These prices, however, depend on the quality of weed.

Weed is categorized into dispensary medical, dispensary recreational, street medical, and street recreational.

Weed prices depend on its quality. So, each type of weed is available in low, medium, and high quality.

  • Dispensary Medical weed prices are available as follows:

Low quality: $1660 per pound

Medium quality: $1603.98 per pound

High quality: $1980.88 per pound

  • Dispensary Recreational weed prices are available as follows:

Low quality: $1949.17 per pound

Medium quality: $1681.91 per pound

High quality: $2064.16 per pound

  • Street Medical weed prices are available as follows:

Low quality: $1757.61 per pound

Medium quality: $2264.13 per pound

High quality: $2190.93 per pound

  • Street Recreational weed prices are available as follows:

Low quality: $1830.47 per pound

Medium quality: $1959.35 per pound

High quality: $2154.58 per pound

These prices may differ depending on the availability, demand, and other factors, including import-export, so on. Some legal issues may also cause the prices to rise or go down. In the illegal market, the price of a pound of weed may also depend on the number of sellers it goes through. Sellers and buyers of weed follow a trading system involving the possession and transfer of other illicit substances. Such offenders are often a target for police because the level of THC content in their product can be harmful and addictive.

Some states have restrictions on the amount of weed one can buy at once. These states include California and Colorado that allow buying an ounce of weed at once. Sixteen ounces is equivalent to one pound of weed.  A pound of weed consists of 453.59 grams on the MKS system. Users can roughly make 448-450 joints or rolls from a pound of weed.

Sale of Weed

Weed, or cannabis, to be specific, is in the process of getting legalized in the US for medical and recreational purposes. Due to this, the demand and consumption have risen drastically. These are also why we observe a decrease in the rates of weed as there are more sellers.

The more the number of sellers or providers, the more is the competition. These two factors, a pound of weed is available at such low costs. However, the lower the price, the cheaper the weed’s quality. Therefore, buying from authentic sellers is always the best option.

Buying from wholesalers is also a cheaper way to get more than a pound of weed. It costs nearly $800 to $1000 for a pound of weed.

Wholesale buyers can buy directly from producers that set the cost depending on the harvest. Some buyers look for specific weed, for example, the growth environment, whether it is best-tier outdoor or indoor, and up.

Weed Tax

Weed Tax

In some US states where weed sale is legal, a federal tax is imposed. Colorado state collects 2.9% of the tax rate for common weed. On the other hand, it takes 10% of taxes for special marijuana.

Paying weed tax makes the entire weed purchase expensive. An average weed tax in the US ranges between 1.69% to 9.45%.


The average cost of a pound of weed lies between $2000-$3000. It depends on various factors that describe the weed quality, type, purpose, etc. A pound of weed can make 448-450 joints. In some states of the US, consumers are allowed to buy a legal amount of weed, that is, one ounce at one shopping spree.

If users buy cannabis or weed legally, a federal tax is attached to it. Wholesale consumers can get weed at a comparatively lower price if they either buy from the black market or buy cheaper quality weed.

The rising competition between sellers leads to a decrease in price and a hike in demand. Many manufacturers tend to sell their quality products at cheap prices to attract buyers and get a stable position in the market.

Due to strict laws imposed in many countries and some states of the US, the best way to buy a pound of weed is via legally accepted ways. Buying weed from the black market or other illegal sources is not safe as it does not guarantee quality. For a better and non-troublesome experience, users must consume small amounts of weed.

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