How Much Does Weed Cost in the UK?

Buying weed can be a tricky business. It gets very difficult to find a difference between the genuine price and a price where you are getting ripped off. You might think that one can bargain but to be true too much bargaining is not possible and generally, the deduction goes from £10 to £30. There is another problem with it, a different part of the UK offers different pricing.

Let’s Get to Know About the Weed In the UK

Before we move ahead in the article, it’s better we get to know a little more about weed in the UK. Despite all the cons, no one takes a step backward when it comes to enjoying the pleasure of marijuana. In fact, here is a fun fact from statistics, in the year 2016 UK was the biggest marijuana or cannabis exporter in the world. 

That is why there is a large population from the UK that wants weed to get legalized so that the warnings and fines can be avoided. But no matter what nothing stops people of the UK to buy weed every now and then. There are two options to buy weed, you can either get it from people who are involved in selling a business or from the dark web. To know it better, let’s dig into the weed laws in the UK.

What are the Weed Laws in the UK?

We already know that weed is not legal in the UK but depending upon the purpose for which the weed will be used, laws might change. Broadly, there are two reasons for which weed can be purchased –

Recreational Use

Any person who is above the age of 21 can buy cannabis and can consume it for enjoyment. Obviously for recreational use, the weed is considered illegal.

Medical Use

From the year 2018, medical cannabis has been legalized in the UK. Yes, we agree that this is a surprise. But guess what? We have a bigger surprise. It is almost impossible to get a prescription because of higher prices. One needs to have lots of money to get it, say around £50,000 a year.

That is when they came up with Cancard in the year 2020. Canard is an ID that is issued to a person who has already been prescribed medical cannabis and thus cannot be criminalized but they can be stopped by policemen to check for potential recreational possession.

Don’t get too happy, one can get their hands on medical marijuana but the methods of consumption may not be the same. For instance, it is not recommendable to smoke cannabis. What is the point of getting a Can card if you cannot smoke and treat the particular health symptom? That is when vaporizers walk in and you can use the same to consume the medical cannabis.

This is not the only reason why you should be looking for an alternative, smoking can leave harsh effects on the throat. Now that you know enough about weed in the UK and its use, we can go ahead and discuss the cost.

How Much Does Weed Cost in the UK?

As we have already discussed the use of weed and the legalities of it in the UK, let’s dig in the prices.

Cost of Buds in the UK

We are providing you with the average cost of the flowers or the buds in the UK. Depending on the type of weed, the price range will differ. For instance, Cali weed will cost a lot more than what is mentioned below because it has the genetic potential to create a crazier high.

If you are not very aware of the buds you might get fooled by the vendors. Stay aware.

  • 1 gram or also known as Tens = £10 – £15
  • 5 grams or also known as Eighth = £25 – £40
  • 7 grams or also known as Quarter = £50 – £70
  • 14 grams or also known as half-ounce = £80 – £140
  • 28 grams or also known as Ounce = £160 – £280

Cost of Hash in the UK

Hash is a top choice for hard-core weed smokers. If you don’t know, it looks like a small block and is black or brown in color. If you are looking for a similar picture then try imagining a mini haystack.

The hash is created by rubbing dried plants over and over again until it turns into a very fine mesh. Smoking hash can get a little tricky. You have to first heat the block so that it can break off and be ready to put in the joint or some might prefer a dry herb vaporizer.

  • 1 gram or also known as Tens = £5 – £10
  • 5 grams or also known as Eighth = £15 – £35
  • 7 grams or also known as Quarter = £30 – £70
  • 14 grams or also known as half-ounce = £50 – £100
  • 28 grams or also known as Ounce = £80 – £150

Cost of Edibles in the UK

Say hello to the biggest weed-based product market, weed edibles in the UK captures a huge market. Depending upon the amount of CBD and THC content, the effect might differ. Other factors that can influence the effect are the shape and size of the edibles.

Everyone seeks relaxation when looking for weed but if you want to relax without putting in the effort then CBD hemp gummies have to be your pick.


  • 100 mg of edibles = £5 – £10
  • 200 mg of edibles = £10 – £20
  • 300 mg of edibles = £30 – £50

Cost of Concentrates in UK

A cannabis concentrate is a really complex thing because they are extracted from different parts of weed plants after the process of extraction. It can be either in liquid form or just loose solids.

As there are a variety of weed plants available the variations are also present in multiple spectrums. The best concentrate is produced when the extraction is made from the purest parts of the weed plant.

  • 1 UK gram of Shatter = £40 – £50
  • 1 imported gram of Shatter = £50- £70
  • 1 branded gram of Resin = £70 – £100

Let’s Get Specific with the Weed prices in the UK

We have already gone through the general prices of weed but now we are going to go in-depth focusing on 3.5 grams of weed bud as it is the average price that one can multiply while making the purchase depending upon the quantity. Let’s take a tour around different cities for the price of 3.5 grams of weed in the UK.

  • Manchester = £ 19.32
  • Leeds = £18.50
  • Liverpool = £ 19.46
  • Glasgow = £ 21.21
  • Edinburgh = £ 20.62
  • Birmingham = £ 21
  • London = £ 22.54

The above pricing list proves that the prices differ according to the locations of the UK and London is the most expensive one.


We would recommend you to go through your friends initially to not get fooled. Now that you are aware of the pricing, try and play around with it to get the right type of weed at a fair price.

We hope we were able to help you with what you have been looking for.

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