How to Choose The Strain For Your Edibles?

Marijuana has been popular for many years as a dangerous drug that leads to unethical behaviour and criminal intentions. Although, as time has gone, more and more countries have legalised the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

And now, even science has stated that marijuana can help in the betterment of mental and physical health rather than providing harmful effects.

With the sheer amount and quality, marijuana can be effective for your health. People enjoy marijuana in edible form rather than other substances, for example, coke powder and cracks. But what are Edibles? Edibles are Cannabis cooked or baked into an edible product that can be consumed, such as cookies, biscuits, cakes etc.

Cannabis can be mixed into other food items, and one enjoys the variety of available edible marijuana or cocaine anytime and anywhere. These edibles have two chemicals, i.e. THC and CBD, that work together to provide the right amount of need, satisfaction and effects on the body.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a chemical that generates a psychoactive, mind-altering effect associated with high feelings. THC also helps in stress relief, nausea, etc. Whereas Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical that generates therapeutic relief. It helps in pain relief, anxiety and inflammation.

Marijuana edibles come in different strains that include a variety in the proportion of CBD and THC. The three popular strains are Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Another type of strain has a different effect of Cannabis present in the edibles.

Indica Edibles Vs Sativa Edibles

Indica edibles have wide broad leaves with dark colour and take 6-8 weeks for developing dense plump buds. These edibles lead to sedating, relaxing and full-body highs and are mostly consumed at night time. It helps in treating symptoms related to insomnia and anxiety. Indica contains more CBD ratio than THC and comes in different strains such as Northern lights, white rhino, Master kush, etc.

The white aka Triangle Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with 20% THC content in it.

Larry OG is a perfect Indica strain for beginners. It has 18% THC content and helps in stress relief and depression.

Dr Who has 19% THC content, helps in stress relief, headache, nausea, etc. It has different flavours, such as woody and earthy flavours.

Whereas Sativa has long, thin leaves with a light colour and usually develops in 9-12 weeks as a tall airy bud. They help in energising, uplifting and cerebral high and are mostly consumed in the daytime. And it helps in combat fatigue, Mood disorder and depression. Sativa has more THC than CBD and produces psychoactive effects; it comes in various types of strains, for example, White Widow, Sour Diesel, Blue dream, etc.

Moose and Lobsta is a type of Sativa hybrid with 21% THC content. It helps in depression, fatigue and neurological pain. They even have a light aroma of tropical fruits in them.

Bruce Banner is another popular Sativa hybrid that contains 20% THC. It helps in increasing activity, mentally uplifting and relieves muscle cramps. Jelly bean is popular among women with a 16% THC concentration.

THC concentration

Each strain possesses its benefits and treats various medical problems in their way. Hybrid is a cross-breeding of both these strains and consists of the benefits of the two strains. A person chooses the right strain for their edibles, considering the traits and effects they desire and keeping in mind their health concerns.

Tolerance towards marijuana is another significant factor to know about before choosing your strain. Tolerance towards marijuana increases as the consumption level increases and eventually diminishes.

The level of Experience can affect the Amount of tolerance towards the drug. Hence, a person who consumes marijuana frequently will need a different strain than the infrequent one. It is known that CBD dominance in edibles is best for beginners, while THC dominant edible is an excellent option for Experience or frequent users.

These are the various factors that are considered while choosing the right strain, such as:

1. Time

Time is an essential factor to decide to choose your strain. If you want to enjoy your day and be productive, energetic, then go for an Edible with Sativa strain. However, if you’re going to relax your mind and mentally and physically calm down your body, take Indica edibles at night time. For a great evening, enjoy a balance high through hybrid edibles.

2. Potential Medical Benefits

Decide on your needs related to strain in your diet. If a person wants to achieve some medical benefits through their edibles, different strains are available. Strains help in relieving depression or insomnia and other problems as well.

3. Medical History

One should well be researched about their medical history with their doctors. Although Cannabis is natural, it can still have adverse effects on health because of a rash decision. Interact with doctors or healthcare and know about the potential benefits and risks regarding a strain in an edible related to your health.

4. Desired Effects

Examine the strains based on their THC and CBD content present. Also, the ratio of THC and CBD present in a Strain brings different effects for a person. The desired chemo strain is essential to obtain the effects such as psychoactive and physiological for better Experience. One should go for THC dominant strain for psychoactive effects. And CBD for relaxing and anti-anxiety effects.

5. Flavour And Aroma

The other molecule that is present in an edible is Terpene. It is also important as it brings out various flavours and aromas in the edibles. Terpene creates therapeutic effects with a combination of THC and CBD present in the edibles. There are more than 100 terpenes in Cannabis with a wide range from floral, fruity flavour to earthy musky flavours. One can choose the various levels and concentrations of flavours. Strains can have intense as well as mild flavours effects to enjoy in the edibles.

6. Potency

Aside from the Ratio of strain in an edible, the overall potency of the strain is also important. A high THC percentage strain will have different effects than a Low THC percentage on a person’s body.

7. Micro Dosing

Start with the Right Amount to produce the right level of intensity. While choosing a new strain, use the technique of Micro dosing. Slowly increase your intake to know about the intensity with an unfamiliar strain. Micro dosing increases satisfaction and decreases the risk of experiencing the harmful effects of the drug. One should also give a proper time to a strain to react and not rush the consumption level. A Smaller Amount of cookies or cakes gives you more control over the effects of “High feeling”.

8. Reputable Dispensary

Always pick your strain from a reputed and certified dispensary. A dispensary that provides high quality and third party tested products for health safety. One should look for safety rules and quality standards at the back of the cannabis product. Reputable and legal dispensaries provide complete information about a strain and make its consumption safe for you all.

Final Words

While looking for suitable strains for your edibles, always look for certain aspects in them. The sensitivity and accuracy of the THC and CBD profile in a strain are essential. At the same time, comprehensive analysis reports by certified labs on chosen strains can ensure unique aspects of strain and safety for you!

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