How To Get Rid of Weed Smell with Ozium?

Cannabis is found to be a solution to many health problems. It has been found to help in seizures of Parkinson’s disease, slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s, boost metabolism, improve sleep quality, provide euphoria, etc. With these numerous benefits of smoking weed, there is a common problem of bad odor. People who consume marijuana via smoking often have a smell in their home, car, and even in their body, hair, clothes, etc.

The smell is mainly due to the presence of a terpene component called myrcene. The smell may vary from strain to strain but it is never a pleasant one and most smokers struggle to get rid of it. The odor can linger on for hours and keep persisting until attended to. There are many ways to mask the smell however Ozium eliminates the bad smell leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.

What is Ozium?

What is Ozium

Ozium is an air sanitizer that was originally developed for hospitals to temporarily limit the spread of bacteria. It contains Triethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol components that have been found to be effective in eliminating the bad smell.

It attacks the smell causing bacteria and obliterates them. It can be used anywhere and on anything. Spray it in your cars, rooms, wardrobes, locker rooms, offices, garages, stinking shoes, etc. It has properties similar to that of a hand sanitizer and can be useful as both a disinfectant and fragrance spray.

Ozium is available in a few natural scents such as lemon, country fresh, vanilla, etc. There are different sizes that you can purchase. A small portable Ozium can be kept in cars or purses to be used immediately. It is commonly sold as a spray but it can also be bought in a gel base for cars. The gel slowly and automatically radiates out the ingredients that attack the odor-causing bacteria and make sure your car feels fresh all the time without you devoting any much attention.

It should be kept in mind that our contains harmful chemicals. It should not be sprayed in close contact with any pet or person. The air spray should not be inhaled directly and must be used in a well-ventilated room. Open the car windows when you spray it there. Keep it away from children.

You can purchase Ozium from Amazon, A 0.8 oz bottle can deliver up to 500 mist sprays.

Small-sized citrus-flavored bottles are also available.

How To Use Ozium?

How To Use Ozium

Ozium sprays are very easy to use. Follow these simple instructions and get rid of the weed smell anytime, anywhere.

  • Step 1: Open the can carefully. Make sure the nozzle is not pointing towards you or any pet or person as it can be harmful if contacted directly. Maintain a safe distance ensuring it’s away from your eyes and nose.
  • Step 2: The next step would be to shake the can well. The ingredients can sometimes settle down due to different densities. Shaking the can will allow the ingredients to mix well and function when released. Shake it 4 to 5 times for maximum effectiveness. Keep a check that the spray bottle isn’t leaking and pouring out as you shake.
  • Step 3: Now the can is ready to be sprayed. Hold the can firmly and press the nozzle for about 1-2 seconds. This count can help you release an optimum amount without wastage or shortage. One should not use too much spray as the harmful chemicals can contaminate the air and be toxic to your surroundings. If possible, leave the room for a while as the ingredients might irritate you and your respiratory tract.
  • Step 4: Repeat the first three steps if you feel there is still smell. You may use the spray after 5-6 hours. Avoid using it too frequently as its potency can be harmful to the surroundings. Be careful of others in the vicinity. In case, the spray comes in contact with your eyes or is irritating try washing it with clean water. If the problem persists, stop using further and see your doctor as soon as possible.

Features Of Ozium Spray

The Ozium Spray is a clinically proven sanitizer. It has been a leading odor-controlling brand for 40 years. Stated below are some of the significant features and benefits of Ozium air sprays

  1. Effective anytime, anywhere- The spray has been found to be useful in hospitals, clinics, homes, cars, public restrooms, storerooms, offices, etc. It is portable and easy to use. Whenever you smoke, you can easily pull out the can and spray it to have a fresh odorless room. The spray attacks the smoke and other offensive odor-causing bacteria and eliminates them leaving you with clean and fresh air to breathe.
  2. Trusted and Tested- Ozium is a trusted brand registered under the U.S government. It has served well for about 40 years. It has been tested across various settings in fields and laboratories. Its validity has been confirmed many times by renowned organizations. It obliterates the odor completely without masking it or leaving behind a pungent smell.
  3. Better than regular air fresheners- Ozium sprays are quite different from regular air fresheners available in the market. Most of the air sprays mask the bad odor whereas Ozium eliminates them altogether attacking the bacteria’s and germs causing the smell. It is 100% effective and verified.
  4. Multi-purpose- Unlike a normal air freshener, Ozium is an air sanitizer as well. It removes all types of smoke-related odors such as cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc. Along with eliminating bad odors it disinfects the air around and kills the bad bacteria’s that may cause infections. It serves a dual purpose and is a wise choice if you have children in your home or a patient.
  5. Cleanses the air you breathe- Ozium spray temporarily deodorizes and sanitizes the air. It kills germs and bacteria. The disinfecting and deodorizing property makes it popular and a vital choice. Its usage as a disinfectant makes it useful in hospitals and clinical settings.

The next time you go to buy an air freshener, think of Ozium for all your needs. It drastically reduces malodors, air pollution and sanitizes the air around, leaving behind a pleasant smell.


Ozium sprays are a must-have for people who smoke weed. A bad odor can have a negative impression on people around you. Your odor shouldn’t tell people that you’ve smoked weed recently. You may take other odor-controlling measures as well along with using Ozium sprays. Install a car Ozium gel fragrance if you smoke in your car.

Buy a pack of 2 or 4 and keep them in various spots so that you have them handy whenever required. You can also keep a can in your purse to use it instantly anywhere you go. It combats the airborne bacteria and purifies the air around.

It is a better choice than any other regular room spray. The availability of different scents makes it all the way more attractive.

Note – Be vigilant while using the spray. Infants should not be allowed to use the spray as they can harm themselves. The aerosol should be handled with care and sincerity.

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