How to Make A Weed Tea (The Right Way)   

“Tea” happens to be a very common household item for every.  The aroma of the beautiful tea leaves once dissolved in boiling water and milk makes a heavenly experience for all the hardcore tea lovers out there.

Tea has been available to us all in very types and recipes. But today, we are going to discuss something interesting.

The common tea experience can be a little boring at times as daily consumption sometimes triggers boredom, be it food, beverage, or anything else.  So, fun yet a bit intoxicating twist can be given to this, one can always go for WEED TEA as an interesting option.

What Is Weed Tea

Weed tea or cannabis tea is actually cannabis-infused drink which is prepared by steeping various parts of the cannabis plant into hot or cold water. This method of consuming cannabis or weed is an alternative form of preparation for consuming cannabis in a lesser intoxicating way.

It is considered that weed tea or cannabis tea has comparable therapeutic effects which helps one to cure various health related ailments.

Weed tea or cannabis tea is a healthy alternative for consuming cannabis, weed tea is easy to customize and achieve different tastes and desired effects. This flexible feature of weed tea only made it enjoyable for people who have been using it for taste for quite some time now.

cannabis tea

Weed tea or Cannabis Tea is a great alternative for people who are want to avoid the risk of consuming it orally or avoid the associated risks of smoking. Weed tea is made with the stems of cannabis, the tea then becomes infused with the THC (The Active Chemical in weed).

To feel the full impact of the cannabis-infused weed tea, it takes around 30-90 minutes, to feel the full impact.  However, it all boils down to the metabolism of the person who consumes it, people with higher metabolism or lower body mass may feel the effects more quickly, also some people have lower metabolism or denser body mass, there are chances that they won’t feel the impact for up to 2 hours later.

Does Weed Tea Makes One High

Weed tea however is an intoxicating alternative for tea lovers but it’s also a way of consuming the drug in liquid form accompanied by some other elements to avoid direct or oral consumption or through smoking.

It is seen that if we take the same amount of cannabis orally and also use the same amount to make the weed tea, the orally consumed cannabis has a more intense high, takes longer to kick in, lasts longer as compared to smoking or vaporizing. The consumption of cannabis in the form of weed tea makes one high but its effects are not as strong as the one consumed orally.

But if one makes the weed tea or cannabis tea improperly then the tea can damage the cannabinoids making them less effective. However, marijuana tea can make one high if it is prepared with butter or any other fatty oil. It happens so because the intoxicating chemical active in marijuana is not water-soluble but fat-soluble. Also, marijuana requires “decarboxylation “, which is the activation of THC, due to heat to have its psychosomatic effect.

psychosomatic effect

How to Make A Weed Tea (The Right Way)

It is very important to make a weed tea or cannabis tea in the right way because if it is made improperly, one can never feel its proper impact. Therefore, one needs to know the correct way of making it.


  1. 1 gram of ground cannabis
  2. 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil
  3. 4 cups of water
  4. Any other ingredients for flavour like honey, milk, sugar, etc.
  5. Fine strainer.

NOTE: – This recipe makes for about three regular-sized cups of tea.  Also, recommended dosing would be one cup per person and make sure it is before 2 hours of heading out or operating any serious machinery.


  1. Start with boiling 4 cups of water in a medium-sized pot. Then add one tablespoon of butter or coconut oil and allow it to dissolve.  This forms the base which would separate the bad things of the weed.
  2. Now add the gram of cannabis into boiling water and turn the temperature down to simmer. This process will allow the cannabis to segregate and settle its flavours with water and get more and more dissolved.
  3. Allow the mixture to simmer for 15 minutes. This is an important step as this helps to release the weed chemicals into the water and get mixed with it to have a good taste and effect.
  4. Now strain out the little bits of cannabis. This step needs a bit of precaution as the water is in excess as compared to the cannabis amount, therefore strain the bits with full precautionary measures.
  5. Now add the teabag to the teapot along with any other desired extras and stir well.
  6. Remove the tea bag, stir well to incorporate the infused butter and other extra ingredients, and pour yourself the ready-to-drink weed tea.

Benefits of Weed Tea

1.  Reduces Chronic Pain

There are properties of cannabinoids, compounds in cannabis like THC and CBD, have powerful pain-fighting properties.  These help one to reduce chronic pain and thereby provide some relief to them. It’s an interesting thing to note that weed tea comes in handy when one needs to reap some health-related benefit.

2.  Relieves   Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis has powerful neuroprotective properties and plays a major role in regulating emotional behaviour.  The weed tea has various other therapeutic properties which help one to relieve stress and depression and have better mental health.

3.  Improves   Lung   Health

Cannabis helps decreases resistance in the respiratory tract and increases airflow. Cannabis could even help cure lung cancer. Researchers from Harvard University found that THC reduces growth in lung cancer by 50%. Weed tea is an effective alternative to smoking weed which is injurious to health. Consuming it in the form of weed tea helps one to have a healthier lung.


The weed tea or cannabis tea is an interesting and intoxicating beverage to indulge into and have some more experiments with the favourite drink of India tea.

However, it is very essential to know how to make the weed tea in the right way, this helps in intacting all the essence of the weed or cannabis and helps the consumer give an amazing experience while making as well as while consuming it.

Although weed tea is an alternative for those who wish to avoid the smoking or vaporizing of the weed, one needs to keep in mind that both ways take their different times to kick in the feeling of getting high, both have different methods and ways of intoxicating the mind and senses.

However, it is interesting to note that weed tea or cannabis tea also comes with some benefits to health which would flatter the good health of an individual.

So, indulging in weed tea is a win–win situation.

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