How to Make Cannabis Milk Easily at Home

Bored of smoking cannabis? But still, you want to consume it to avail of its benefits? Then, here find an excellent alternative way to consume cannabis. Who doesn’t know that necessity is the mother of invention? And we humans are born innovative after all.

So, let’s do something creative with the special weed. Here, find the details of how to make cannabis milk easily at home. You can have it anytime with your morning tea or evening coffee. Along with the proven benefits of milk, you can enjoy the versatile advantages of cannabis.

Most of you might have heard of weed milk. A long list of online videos is also available for this. But, how far the articles and videos are likely to serve your purpose? Are they reliable enough to provide you with the proper recipe? Hey! Let’s not think too much.

Read it below. Surely, you will get an easy and most effective recipe for preparing weed milk at home. Stick to the end to get some fantastic recipes to enjoy with the freshly-prepared cannabis milk.

How is Weed Milk Beneficial to Us?

How is Weed Milk Beneficial to Us

Till now, you might have been enjoying smoking marijuana. Now, as you show interest in trying it differently, let us tell you what you can get out of it. Cannabis milk is a purely healthy drink that relaxes the mind. Unlike THC, cannabis is non-psychoactive and comes with a wide range of proven health benefits. Drinking the liquid makes your head clear, driving away all the worries and tension. Such a soothing drink it is! Countless advantages it has! Well, let us mention its wide range of benefits.

  • Releases anxiety
  • Reduces stress
  • Works as a sleeping aid
  • Removes worries and tension out of head
  • Enriched with calcium, vitamins, and magnesium
  • Delicious yet healthy

Although cannabis milk is beneficial in its way, there are some precautions you must follow. The milk usually takes more time than the smoking joints to show the noticeable effects. It may take up to one hour to show the effects.

However, the time taken usually depends upon our bodies’ tolerance and the variety of strain we use. So, if you do not see any immediate effects like smoking, do not go for excess consumption.

Another factor to be kept in mind is not to drive after having the weed milk. As you may feel slightly dizzy or light-headed, driving may prove to be fatal.  Also, you should not mix cannabis milk with alcohol or other drugs. It may be life-threatening for you.

How to Make Cannabis Milk: The Ingredients and Recipes

As you now know the benefits of Cannabis milk, let us share the recipe for preparing it. Don’t worry! You do not have to bring inexpensive ingredients or equipment. The recipe is as simple as boiling a bowl of water. Well, not that much, actually! But, yes, it is simple. Let’s have a look.

The Ingredients:

  • 1/2 ounce of Cannabis (you can choose any variant you like)
  • 8 cups of whole milk (It is better to use full-fat milk so that the cannabis can be appropriately dissolved into it.)

In general, per 250 ml. of milk, 0.5g to 1 g of marijuana is sufficient.

The Equipment:

Although it does not require any special equipment, it is better to keep some special ones near hand. For example, you can take a ladle and a strainer. Also, you should arrange a closed bottle and a wooden spoon.

Now, let’s get into the actual game, the process of making the weed milk.

The Procedure:

Decarboxylation: First, spread the cannabis evenly on a tray inside the oven. Then, coat it with aluminum foil. Next, place it in the oven at 240°F/ 115°C for near about 40 minutes. Finally, let it cool down.

Grind well: In the next step, grind the cannabis properly. You can finely chop them as well.

Add the Cannabis to the Milk: Now, pour the milk into a saucepan. Make it warm at a low flame. Remember not to boil it. The properties of cannabis may get affected if you boil the milk. Once it gets warm, add the cannabis. Stir it well for 60-90 minutes with a wooden spoon.

Strain it: Once the cooking is done, pass the milk through a strainer. You can use cheesecloth as well. However, strain it well so that the cannabis strands get separated from the extracted milk. Cool it and enjoy.

So, this is the complete process of preparing cannabis milk at home.

Cannabis Milk at Home: How to Take It

Cannabis Milk at Home

Only knowing the right process to prepare it is not enough. You also should know how to take it properly. Otherwise, it would not be surprising if you get shattered due to the excess dosage of it. Or, with too little dosage, you may deprive yourself of the heavenly pleasure. So, let’s know how to take it.

First, take it with a small amount and see what results come. If your body tolerates it, continue taking it. After all, it is not like traditional milk. The unique, greenish liquid is enough to give you a jerk at your head. So, be careful about consumption.

Some people ask whether weed milk should be taken warm or cold. There is no such specific restriction on it. Whether it is warm or cold, the result will be the same. And it will depend on other factors like the tolerance level of your body, the cannabis strain you are using, etc.

Well, if you plan to preserve it, keep it in freeze. Remember to cool it before you put it inside the freezer. Try to consume it within one or two days after you preserve it in freeze.

Different Recipes to Enjoy with Cannabis Milk

The smooth, delicious, greenish cannabis milk is itself enough to be consumed all alone. But it would not be a sin if you add some more delicacies to the platter. Cannabis cooking is already famous among weed lovers. And as a result, different items like cannabis butter, cannabis tinctures, etc., come into use.

Well, here, let’s know about some of the exciting recipes that you can try with weed milk. However, pay attention to the tolerance level of your body. Here are the add-ons to be tried with cannabis milk.

  • Cannabis-infused Ice-cream
  • Scrambled eggs with a pinch of cannabis
  • Cannabis smoothies
  • Smashed potatoes infused with weed
  • Bread sandwich with cannabis inside it
  • Cannabis Mushroom Soup
  • Marijuana omelet
  • Cannabis pastries

Preparing these dishes is not so tough. All you have to do is to keep the appropriate measure of cannabis in mind. The rest of the recipes is simple like other regular dishes.

Final Words – Taste the Milk

We hope you have got a clear idea about how to prepare cannabis milk. Also, we suggested some fantastic recipes to try with the milk. Now, it’s your turn. Bring in your variant home and prepare the delicious weed milk. Enjoy your drink! Let us know how you liked it.

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