How to Smoke Weed Without the Smell

The trend of smoking weed has risen up to 60% from the past decade. People intake weed for various health benefits. It has been proven to improve sleep quality, reduce pain or inflammation, increase concentration levels, energizes your mind and body, etc.

There are various ways to consume weed such as smoking, vaporizing, edibles, oils, etc. People opt for these methods depending upon their needs. People who prefer smoking do not wish to substitute their way. However, there are various odor-related issues that people face as they smoke weed. Here are a few common questions and answers to them.

How Long Does the Smell Last?

The answer to this question is based on the amount and frequency of your consumption. The smell of marijuana can stick to almost all materials and may last for up to weeks if not cleansed. The smell easily fades away when washed or wiped with a wet duster. The smell can stick to your body, clothes, or hair too, which can go away with the use of mild sprays or after bathing.

How to Overcome Weed Breath?

It is unpleasing to have a conversation with someone who has a bad breath and the exhale of weed isn’t very pleasant. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your breath doesn’t drive people away. There are many ways to tackle this problem. Brushing your teeth or using mouthwash if available can serve to be the best way to overcome bad breath. Chewing a strong mint or peppermint-flavored gum or mouth spray can help to mask bad breath altogether.

How to Cover Up Smell from Hair?

How to Cover Up Smell from Hair

The smell of marijuana can stay in your hair locks for days if not washed or combed properly. If you are not able to shampoo you can use a dry shampoo mixture, spray it in layers to get rid of the bad smell. You can also blow dry your hair or rub a dryer sheet between each section, from roots to the tips of the hair. These methods are sure to remove any bad smell that may have stuck in your hair due to smoking weed.

Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without Getting the Smell

Smoking weed can cause you to smell bad. Nobody wants to stink when you’re out in public. It’s unpleasing to oneself and others. Here are a few easy ways that you can apply to remove the stink that gets caught after the smoke.

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion

Try using a fragrant hand sanitizer or lotion to cover up the smell that is left on your hands after smoking. Sanitizer also helps you to kill the germs that may have stuck on your hands while rolling or smoking weed. Lotion can moisturize your fingers as a weed may cause dryness.

Use Cologne or Body Spray

A strong body spray can be used after smoking to overcome the bad odor and give out a pleasant smell. It can temporarily mask the odor, but make sure you take a bath and wash your clothes later to thoroughly remove any smell or germs. Carry a pocket deodorant with you whenever you’re planning to smoke as it can be instantly used and is quite effective.

Face Wipes

If you aren’t able to find water to wash your face you can use facial tissues or face wipes after you’ve smoked to cover any smell that may be clasped onto your skin. It shall rejuvenate your skin, help you get rid of the smell and leave behind a pleasing scent.

Avoid Smoking Downwind

If you smoke weed in the open prefer not standing in a downwind direction as it blows the smell all over you and makes it harder to get rid of. Smoking in harsh winds can also make the stink stay on you. Choose a well-ventilated area where no harsh winds are blowing.

Carry It with Precautions

Carrying cannabis in your pocket or backpack may cause the smell to linger on. You can use hand gloves or tissue paper when you roll it, by this, you can reduce the chances of smell getting on your hands. It’s reasonable to carry it in an airtight bag to make sure its smell doesn’t mingle with your body or belongings.

How to Set Bad Smell Away from Your Home

People who smoke cannabis often complain that their houses stink of weed. Here are some tips that you could follow to keep a pleasant fragrance in your house even after smoking marijuana.

Keep Windows Open

When you smoke, you must ensure that the area is well ventilated and open the windows so that the smell can be released. Prefer smoking by the window so that the smoke you exhale directly goes out and doesn’t stick to your home furniture or pollute the air of your house. Opening of windows would also facilitate the clean and fresh air to enter your house that would further help to get rid of bad smell.

Use an Air Purifier

Use an Air Purifier

If you smoke regularly or cannot open windows, you may install an air purifier in your home. They help to circulate the air of your house and keep it stank free. They are cheap and easily available. You can invest in more than one unit and place it in kids’ rooms, smoking areas etc. It’s a bonus if you have pets and do not want your house to smell of them too.

If you wish to purchase a mid-range air purifier, here are a few suggestions:



It is a special compact device designed specially to reduce the smoke smell. Its three-stage HEPA air filter captures smoke particles and unwanted odors.  All you have to do is simply exhale at the base of sploofy and it will absorb all the smoke without leaving behind any traces of bad smell.

Ceiling Fan

When you smoke, turn on the ceiling fan so that the air is constantly in motion. It won’t let the smoke smell stick there. It will circulate the air helping the stink to escape and fresh air to take its place. Make sure you don’t suffocate the place as it will trap all the smoke and make it harder to release the smell.

Using Air Fragrances

If you want your house to smell flowery pleasant, you can choose to have air freshness sprays, boxes, candles, Lysol cleaning etc. To make your natural deodorizing agent all you need is baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda and then vacuum in an hour. You can also keep a dish full of baking soda in your smoking room.


If you find the smoking smell hard to get rid of, you can always choose other alternatives such as edibles or vaping. But, in cases where you wish to smoke only, you can use the above-given measures to mask up the rigid odor.

These are some of the on-the-go ways you can implement when in public. Of course, you don’t want every stranger that passes by to know that you’ve smoked weed.

These simple affordable purchases can help to cover up the stink easily and you can stay confident throughout.

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