Indica vs Sativa Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

According to recent research, it is said that numerous people in North America and the other parts of the USA are suffering from anxiety attacks. This may be because of the stress they undergo during work and the stress due to other factors.

It may be personal life, professional life, or it can be anything. The current data of the anxiety and depression association tells that more than 40 million adults face depression and anxiety problems and teenagers aged between 13-18.

It may be termed as a general word. Still, the actual meaning of anxiety comes with stress, worry, nervousness, or it can also create uneasiness for people who suffer from anxiety attacks.

Today the medical field has grown a lot, and doctors suggest many medicines and tablets for anxiety attacks. One of the most important medicines for anxiety is the Marijuana strain. These strains can give relief to people from anxiety attacks, and the only thing is that people should consume only the amount of marijuana that doctors prescribe.

Most of the doctors in today’s situation suggest marijuana strains for anxiety attacks. The only thing is that people have confused about whether to choose Sativa or Indica for anxiety. These two variants are commonly found in marijuana strains, and these both have different effects while consuming. For example, one may have a relaxing and calm effect, while the other will have an energizing and brisk effect.

Sativa or Indica For Anxiety?

Sativa or Indica Anxiety

It has been clinically proved that the marijuana strains are the best alternative for this industry’s pharmaceutical medicine for anxiety treatment. Most importantly, cannabis has many effects while consuming, and people suffering from anxiety must take only the cannabis, which has calming effects and can be taken only after consulting a medical professional.

Marijuana strains are often referred to as chemovars after introducing cannabis to the medical industry because the term strain refers to bacteria or viruses. However, people may get confused while choosing the right marijuana strain because the variants available in marijuana strains are vast, and it may be confusing for many people to choose the right one.

The Sativa and Indica variants are available in the market, and they can also be subcategorized into many types. Still, people should use only the variant which is used to cure anxiety. But still, people have confusion on Sativa or Indica for anxiety, and there is no need to worry.

We have listed the difference between the Sativa and Indica for anxiety, and you can get to know about these variants by glancing at this article. In addition, regular smokers might have read about the name THC and CBD. These two are important for highness, and without these two chemical properties, you can never see a Marijuana strain.

Sativa Variant In-Depth Review

The cannabis Sativa is a variant found in dry areas, and it can also be found in places with excessive heat. Sativa is grown in various locations like Asia, Africa, and western America.

Sativa variants can be found by noticing the height of the plant as they grow above twelve feet, and they also take time to mature and provide us with the bud. A typical Sativa seed has lower CBD levels, and it has higher THC values and these THC values are responsible for highness after consumption.

After consuming, the symptoms may be the same for all people; if you consume Sativa, you must feel active and energetic, allowing you to have a productive day.

Creative skills can be obtained by taking this kind of variant. For relaxing, you must prefer to take some other kind of Marijuana strain because this variant is only for active and creative users. After consuming, it gives a stimulating effect, so it is better to take this kind of strain in the daytime.

Is Sativa Good to Cure Anxiety?

Sativa or Indica For Anxiety

According to research, it is said that the Sativa strains having higher THC levels will have uplifting and hipper effects, while the Sativa variant with lower THC; levels will be the best fit for anxiety attacks. This variation of THC levels happens because of the growing conditions, and the THC levels are dependent on the type of seed used for cultivating the Marijuana.

This variant also cures anxiety, but the specific variant and the dosage level should be decided by your trainer or a doctor. Some people may also use the variant, which is genetically modified to achieve the maximum THC levels. Hence, it is better to get help from a professional doctor before choosing the strain.

Indica In-Depth Review

This variant can be seen in hot, dry, and turbulent climates where the humidity is very low, especially in the hind Kush mountains. Indica is most commonly found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and also turkey.

We know that the Sativa variant grows tall, but it is just the opposite because it grows wide and short; Sativa grows faster than the Sativa variant. This variant holds higher CBD values, and it has a lower THC value, which means the highness given by Indica is less when compared to the Sativa variant.

This variant is specially used for relaxing and curing purposes; it also increases appetite and reduces pain. Moreover, the relaxation effect given by Indica can be relief-oriented, and hence it can be taken at night times to relax your mind and body completely.

Three commonly used Indica variants are Granddaddy Kush, Hindu Kush, and Afghan Kush. However, the doubt of Sativa or Indica for anxiety has made the growers invent some new types of hybrid variants for curing anxiety.

Hybrid Marijuana Strains That Can Be Used for Curing Anxiety

Indica In-Depth Review

Other than the Indica and Sativa variants, some hybrid variants have been developed to cure anxiety problems. This can be achieved by modifying the genetics of the seeds. Some of the hybrid marijuana strains are.

  • White Widow (Sativa Dominant Hybrid): Cross of south Indian Indica and south American Sativa variant is a Sativa dominant hybrid variant that is most commonly found in North America.
  • Sour OG (Hybrid Marijuana strain): Cross of OG Kush and sour diesel is a Hybrid marijuana strain.
  • Cherry Pie (Indica dominant Marijuana strain): This variant is the cross of Granddaddy Purple and Durban poison, an Indica dominant marijuana strain.
  • Granddaddy Purple. (Indica dominant hybrid): It is the cross of big bud and purple rule marijuana strain, an Indica dominant hybrid variant. These are the four types of hybrid variants that are invented to cure anxiety.


In this article, we have seen the most common marijuana strains used to cure anxiety; people can choose the preferred marijuana strain by checking the various effects of each strain. Indica and Sativa variants are commonly used for medical purposes, and some masters have also invented many hybrid variants for various types of mental issues.

Marijuana strains have different CBD and THC values, and because of this reason, they must know which strains suit their needs. People having doubts can consult a doctor and ask him about the marijuana strain and the dosage level.

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