Seniors and Insomnia: How a Little THC Can Go a Long Way to Restoring Sleep

When you are in your late 50s or 60s, having a sound sleep may be a big deal for you. Mostly, older adults fail to get adequate hours of uninterrupted sleep. Along with growing age, sleeping apnea, restlessness, and chronic pain may come into our lives.

Gradually, it leads to a disturbed sleeping cycle. And it finally attacks the overall well-being of an individual. Out of frustration, many people at some stages think of trying cannabis for sleep.

Alongside this, they also fear getting an unsolicited high. So, how far a little THC can go a long way to restoring sleep curing insomnia? Here, in this blog, we will discuss cannabis for treating insomnia among seniors.

Also, you will get to know how to reduce the risks of the intoxication due to the cannabis for sleep. So, gentlemen and gentle ladies! Stop worrying about your sleepless nights! This blog will help you to solve your problems. Read it till the end.

Seniors and Insomnia: What are the Causes?

Seniors and Insomnia

So, why do older people find it difficult to get a sound sleep? The major reasons behind those sleepless nights for the aged people are the physical lethargy and pain due to the age. The troublesome health issues like joint pain, back pain, vision ailment, hearing damage predominantly occur in old age. It is truly said that to get into the solution, we must delve into the root cause first.

As a result, mental health also gets severely affected. This leads to disturbed sleep. Add the everyday tensions and worries to it as well! They are enough to keep your mind busy throughout the night.

At old age, the nerves get weak, and they cannot hold the stress anymore. So, whenever any stressful circumstances occur, the nervous system creates problems. It brings in many different psychological issues along with sleeping disorders.

Did You Try Any Other Sleep Solution?

Before we go into the details of how to use cannabis for sleep, let us ask you if you have tried any other solution before or not. Sometimes, our behavioral patterns or the medications we use can bring in sleeping troubles. In that case, changing the regular habits or regulating the medicine can be the best solution.

You don’t need to go for cannabis then. Some pre-existing health conditions can be other reasons for the occurrence of insomnia. For that, visit a specialist and find a cure for your health conditions. It may improve your sleep. However, cannabis is a good sleep aid to lull you to sleep easily at night. Let’s know how it works.

Cannabis for Sleep: How it Works

What are the Causes

Well, there are many variants of cannabis that are used to improve sleep. Some major ones are THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD or cannabidiol, CBN or Cannabinol, and Terpenes’ has the most intensive capability to intoxicate an individual’s brain. On the other hand, CBD is an intoxicating cannabinoid. CBN is created when THC is exposed to heat for a long period.

It is known for its sedative features. And for this, many people call it a sleep cannabinoid. Last but not least; Terpene is a cannabis product that is found in many aromatic plants, including basils, lemons, oregano, and pine trees.

Most of the cannabis variants solve sleeping problems by curing their root causes. Usually, cannabis has healing properties for inflammation, pain, and psychological issues like anxiety, stress, etc. If you are aged individual suffering from any of these problems, cannabis is the best cure for you.

However, if insomnia is the result of a change in sleeping patterns, cannabis cannot help. But this does not reduce the sedative qualities of cannabis.

Cannabis for Sleep: How to Control the Toxic Qualities of Cannabis

When cannabis is an essential remedy for restoring sleep, it may intoxicate your brain. It has its own quality to do that. And that is why it is necessary to control the rates beforehand. Now, how to do it? We are not pro at treating cannabis after all.

What if we get some overdose accidentally? What if we do not get an adequate amount of it? Especially for the aged people, things become more complex. Due to vision loss and many other troubles, they often make mistakes in deciding the correct dosage or maintaining the proper intake process.

In brief, we all have a question like how to take cannabis for sleep without getting high. Here, we have come with some answers to your question. We hope it will help.

As per the latest trend in medical science, cannabis for sleep should be used in micro dosage to avoid intoxication. What is it? Simply put, micro dosing is a process in which cannabis is used slowly in small amounts. Whether you are using it for medical purposes or recreational purposes, micro dosing can help to enjoy it to its best.

So, for older adults, who want to have a sound sleep throughout the night, micro dosage can be the best option. It will help to improve sleep. And at the same time, you will not feel out of your head. Be it for pain, anxiety, headaches, or any other root causes for insomnia, micro dosage always helps.

Some More on How Micro dosing Works

Now, what is the amount to be used for micro dosing? Although there is no such prescribed dosage of it, as per most experts, 10 mg of THC is the best. It is considered to be a standard serving for a low dose of it. Well, the case is different for people with high THC sensitivity. 

Only one or two milligrams of THC are enough for them. Also, those who are the regular THC consumer due to medical reasons, they can go for the ideal standard of 10 mg.

Once you start taking CHC in micro dosage, you can see the results slowly. You can easily measure how much THC can make you feel comfortable without intoxicating your brain.

Also, you will get to know for how long the drug’s effect remains in you. In short, having a micro dosage can help you to regulate the effects and amount of the drug.

The Takeaway

Before we pull the curtain down, let us tell you that nowadays, the market for micro dosing of cannabis for sleep is growing popular.

You can find lots of options for low-dose cannabis edibles and tinctures. All of the products are either in the THC version or in the ratio of CBD: THC. If you are a vegan, you can find low-dose gummies that are vegan.

So, thus, you can find cannabis for sleep, especially for aged people. Have a healthy life ahead! Take care of the dosage, size, or amount of the servings, and other factors as mentioned above.

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