The Best Battery Chargers for Vaping 2021

There are dozens of battery chargers for vaping available in the market. Although it gives people a wide variety to choose from, it can also cause a lot of confusion while deciding the right charger for vaping. Various factors such as safety, accuracy, speed etc. should be considered before buying.

Tips for Buying a Suitable Charger

It is recommended that you choose a charger from a trusted manufacturer. Given below are some of the important things to keep in mind before purchasing any charger:

1. 2 Bays or 4 Bays

If you have a lesser number of batteries to charge then you can go for a 2-bay high-quality charger. If you wish to charge more and bigger batteries then a 4-bay charger is a clear choice.

2.  Charging Speed

Depending upon your usage, you can look for a charger that can take high current safely and gives you an option to change the charging speed. If your batteries drain quickly and you need them frequently you must opt for a fast charger.

3. Compatibility

Before buying a charger, you must look for the batteries you have and make sure your charger supports the kind of batteries you have. Some chargers may offer you the choice to charge a variety of chargers while some may be specific for a certain type.

4. Safety

A good charger needs to have certain safety measures. Overcharge protection, short circuit and reverse polarity protection are some of the key features to look for. Make sure the charger has some ways to vent out the heat.

5. Check Reviews

Before buying you might want to consider other customers’ views on the product. This helps you gain a true insight into the product and its usage from actual users.

Top 5 4-Bay 18560 Chargers

Your struggle for finding a perfect charger might end here. Listed below are some of the highly recommended chargers for 2021.

1. Nitecore D-4

Nitecore is one of the leading manufacturers of vape chargers.

Description– The charger weighs around 0.93 pounds. It is equipped with four charging slots and a LED screen to help you track the status of your batteries. It supports most battery sizes from 10440- 26650. It supports other options like IMR, NiMH, Ni-CD as well. The charger allows you to view the charging status of each battery on the LCD panel.

2. Efest Lush Q4

This charger supports fast charging and meets all the important safety parameters.

Description– The Q4 is a charger that has a simple, elegant and buttonless design. Its intelligent LED display informs you about the current charging status. It comes with an automatic feature that stops charging when the battery reaches reached the 4.2 V level. It comes with other safety features like reverse polarity, short-circuit protection etc. pre-installed as well.

3. Nitecore14

This is another magnificent charger from nitecore.

Description– This 0.5-pound charger automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode. It is low in price and excellent in performance. It meets all necessary safety measures. This intelligent charger is compatible with most batteries and can detect it on its own. It can charge 4 batteries independently.

4. Xtar VP4

This is the basic model from this brand, but it can satisfy most of your needs. Though there are higher versions with a few more features also available.

Description- This charger lets you set the charging current manually. It comes with a smart display and four independent charging slots. It can handle a wide range of battery sizes from 10440 up to 32650 batteries. The LCD screen shows the charging status of all the batteries inserted. It comes with a

The special cut-off feature that stops charging when batteries reach 4.2 Voltage. If you have any sleeping or over-discharged batteries this charger can be used to charge those batteries also. It comes with many important safety features like reverse polarity, heat ventilation etc.

5. Cosos MiBoxer 3A

This charger is very fast and comes with a large LED screen that shows all the necessary details about your batteries.

Description– This charger comes with 15 features. It has intelligent temperature control settings, rapid charging, 3A quickest charging bays and is compatible with almost all vaping batteries.

Best 2 Bay Chargers You Need To Check Out

1. Efest Lush Q2 

This is a 2 bay version of efest lush q4, with almost the same features.

Description- It gives an indication of when your batteries are fully charged but like in Q4 you cannot check the status. It is well equipped with all safety measures.

2. Nitecore i2 Intelligent Charger

The i2 Intelligent charger from Nitecore is a lower version of the i4, with just two independent bays but all other features remain the same.

Description- This is a universal, automatic and smart charger. There are LED lights to give a rough display of your current charge level, with marks for 30%, 80% and 100% charged. Nitecore as usual in this product has maintained all the necessary safety standards.

3. Efest Slim K2

This charger is versatile, sleek and affordable.

Description- It supports a wide range of battery sizes that are from 10440-26650. It has a simple design and the LCD screen display and the indicator lights help you to know the battery levels. This charger allows you to see the charged status of both the batteries on the screen respectively.

4. Xtar VC2 Plus

This charger from XTAR is well equipped with a lot of high-end features like fast charging, on-screen display, side adjuster, timer etc.

Description- It allows you to charge two batteries. The USB port allows you to charge another device simultaneously. One of the best features is the option of controlling the charge. You can use it to charge your batteries as well as other devices like phones. It is capable of working as a power bank too.

5. MiBoxer C2 4000

This charger comes with 8 automatic functions and is rated highly by customers.

Description- This 9.16-ounce charger needs to be manually set for different types of batteries. The LCD displays various factors such as the voltage, current, charging time, internal resistance, battery percentage that lets you understand the status of the batteries conveniently. It comes with fast charging. It consists of a high-precision slide holder of a negative pole, which is made from high-quality stainless steel.


To buy a suitable charger, you should be aware of your wants and the type of batteries you possess. Don’t sacrifice quality for the price. Cheap chargers do not match the safety standards and can thus be responsible for hazards. If you use your batteries very often, go for a fast charger. Make sure you do not leave the batteries unattended and there is a proper outlet for heat.

If you have a vapor pen, hookah pen or any other vaporizer that consists of a built-in battery mode, it is advised that you use the charger that came with your device in order to stay safe.

The list of top recommended chargers is given above, make sure you choose a high-end charger that has all new and necessary safety precautions built-in.

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