The Best Cheap LED Grow Lights for Cannabis | The Best Budget LED Grow Lights

If you plan on growing your fastest cannabis plants (or other plants) it is crucial to understand the uses and their requirements of cannabis plants, like the kind of LED bulbs or Lights which is compatible and affordable to you for easy and large growth.

Types of Grow Lights:

HID Bulbs

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs are lit by combusting the gas which is filled in the interior of the bulb. These bulbs need a different kind of hood set up, and balance for controlling the power that goes into it, so it doesn’t wear out. 

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Light has a very important usage rather than usual lighting office spaces and carports. These lights emit light in the blue reach, which makes them the best kind of lights for supporting your weed plants in early development and development.

LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes address the most prominent place in Grow lights. Even though they can cost up to $500 for a single piece, you can find a lot of models that give you the fullest for the money you decide to spend.

LEDs are very energy-effective, which means you will not need to stress over your power bill. If you know these complications of marijuana, quite simply, you can buy a LED light or bulb that meets the needs of your plants and the amount of space you use.

The best budget LED grow Lights are useful in terms of spectrum. Some of the worse performance lights are too blue or too red to keep for the growth stage Veg or Flowering.

Best Budget LED Grow Lights Recommend by Users

1. Phlizon 1000W COB

The Phlizon series is one of the best low-cost LEDs for lighting.
This is the entry level model of Phlizon for people looking for the best LED light in their budget. While this isn’t the latest design, performance and spectrum still compete strongly with the most sophisticated models.

The capacity of standing as a daisy chaining ability which allows you to connect a new LED light with a supplementary socket. This feature is useful if you want to expand space. To get more coverage than others, you should use these growing lights that intensify the light beams. It doesn’t matter how long you use the equipment, you will have confidence that it performs well for any plant.

2. The Bestva Grow Lights

Bestva is one of our favorite options for growing light if you don’t plan to buy COB, quantity boards or other high-end light. The true full spectrum is one of the best features of the Bestva LED. The essential ultraviolet bands, which help in plant development and bud quality, are also available.

3. King Plus LED Grow Light

The luminous LED King Plus 600 watts is comparable to the above Bestva. Even the Mars Hydro isn’t as modern. The spectrum and the coverage of a cannabis plant you must grow is just a cheap bone LED.
King Plus offers a complete range of variants for growth light. You can check out my 1200-watt model review here to see if the large size is right for you, if you want to have one slightly bigger than the low cost 600 watts.

4. Viparspectra LED Grow Light

When it comes to growing lights, Viparspectra is a famous manufacturer. The Pro series P1500 is the newest version of its long-term, growing LED light series. They have been around for quite a long while. The buds that Viparspectra produces consistently swear to cannabis farmers.

The next is the modern white range, the modern design, and the lower floral hanging height, making this one of the cheapest vertically growing LED light systems!
This is the new Viparspectra P1500 LED which has recently been released. She can justify her position on the list of the best budget LED grow Lights on the market.


The Mars Hydro TS-1000 offers you a slightly wider cover and a more contemporary design.
It is certainly one of the cheapest LED lights for cannabis growing, and one of our most recommended lights, depending on the circumstances, grows 2×2 feet to 3×3 feet.

When the power cord is inserted into your outlet, the light goes on and vice versa. Fortunately, Mars Hydro was kind enough to add a single outlet timer so that after every day of light you won’t have to manually unplug the growing light.

6. SANSI LED Grow Light

If you are a new gardener and would like to explore with indoor growth, then SANSI is for you, which is a grow light in the form of bulb. If you plan for growing in a large space, it would be our best choice for an extra light source. It is also a good light to increase in the extent that you use it for flowering.

The small 36-watt Sansi LED light bulb is great for many applications. If you have small seedlings which should be seriously taken care of by giving more light to your current setup. It meets your plant’s full requirements like force of intensity, space coverage, and spectrum.

7.  Taotronics Grow Light

Grow lights assist the plants with developing and better. It can reflect at various ranges and frequencies, which makes the plants react properly. If you are searching for a LED grow light which is more durable, we urge you to make your choice for the Taotronics brand LED grow lights. You don’t have to stress over overheating in light. Fact is that there are 3 internal proficient cooling fans fixed with the Taotronics LED grow Light and that sees up to scatter heat. The Grow light will turn out effectively for quite a long time without the danger of overheating.

8. Spider Farmer SF-1000

The Spider Farmer SF-1000 is a new grow light model with a developing light. There is an HLG quantum board used by this Spider Farmer model to give you extra features. If you need a space of 2×2 feet or a cannabis plant, you will have a hard time beating the worth that you will get from SF-1000.

This grow light popularly acts as a booster for light. Any plant to develop on its own is a little, except if you develop succulents, and that would be sufficient. This is the thing that they are incredible for.


  • You can’t have a great bud without appropriate lighting, and it is experienced by many marijuana producing experts.
  • You will just pile up your power bill and end with a dead plant, on any chance if you use any low quality and cheap light.
  • Your plants need to create energy for vegetation, developing and delivering, it is important to provide them the mandatory light frequencies your plants need.
  • Grow lights come in a great level of models and emit many kinds of frequencies which are much needed for different stages of the plant’s turn of events.
  • After all, grow lights are available in different models, shapes, and at different value focuses. Some lights are more advanced than others, and all accompany their arrangements of upsides and downsides.
  • You should consider that LED lights are best, cheap and also use less energy while giving the plants sufficient force of light.
  • Each item that we mentioned above has an incredible advantage for your cash and you can get a long-life expectancy. These are also known to create better and more extravagant yields in correlation with other grow lights.

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