The Best Vape Starter Kits in 2021 For Beginners! 

A modern alternative to harmful, tacky, and inconvenient cigarettes, vaping and e-cigarettes are the next big thing. Smokers who want to switch to a better and more sophisticated option can easily start vaping, and all they will need is the right starter kit. This new technology uses an e-liquid instead of combustible tobacco, with or without nicotine.

This modern form of smoking, heats up the e-liquid with the help of an electronic device, creating the vapor the user inhales. The heating element, wicking material, battery, tank, and the e-liquid together form the vaping device. These modern times call for a healthy switch from cigarette smoking to a satisfactory vaping experience. Affordability should come after credibility for the amateurs, as quality is everything! 

Easy to set up and hassle-free, let’s walk through some best vape mod starter kits for a better lifestyle choice. From a varied buffet of choices, picking the right one might get confusing; hence a beginner should opt for an all-in-one style vape kit. Some great picks of the year are:

1. Smok Vape Pen 22

Smok is a brand generally known for some complicated technologies and flashy appearances, but this product is very easily operated with just the flick of a button. The only feature that is not adjustable is the wattage at which it operates. The starter kit also provides a USB charger and an extra coil, and these extra additions make it much simpler for beginners to try and even mess up the coil for the first time. Available in a palette of hues, this pen is affordable and a great start! The sleek design also ensures that you can slip it in your pocket and enjoy discreet puffs anywhere and anytime you want.

2. Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod

A starter kit with a pod mod that performs impeccably and yet keeps the appearance simple, comes with two coils, the pod, the device, and a USB charging cable. Running on a 1,500 mAh internal battery, it supports vaping between 5 and 40 W. It is easily portable and compact, having a fire button, display screen, and two adjustment buttons. The 5.5 ml pod is mounted on top and is also used as a mouthpiece. With a dual air-flow system, the device keeps transparent sides to show the juice quantity and its performance gives the full and rich flavor of the juice.

3. Smok NORD 2

Another great buy from this brand, the original Smok NORD was a big hit and the sequel is no less. With more power, it comes with an OLED screen to adjust the wattage and it boasts a long-lasting, durable battery. It is accessible for all vapers, as it can accommodate a variety of coils. Available at affordable rates, it comes in varied patterns, with some aesthetic touches. The stunning design and color of the vape device also makes it highly popular among the customers

4. Innokin Jem Pen

One of the cheapest vapes out there, the product is designed in stainless steel, providing durability and resilience in six colors. Preventing overcharge and having a cut-off point, it has inbuilt safety features which keep the user in control. The wattage stays at 13W which is a good mid-point making it helpful for all users. It is a great option to begin your vaping journey!

5. ePuffer Titan X

A little expensive but very long-lasting, this product has the power of a box mod while maintaining its pen size. A highly powered battery helps the user operate at a higher level. The tank has two slots to make refilling convenient and has two basic differences from its predecessor. The changes are it has a splash guard and a lowered resistance in the coil for a smoother hit. Incredibly lightweight, it is great to carry around and vape it out!

6. Juul

One of the most recognizable brands, it has sleek products with classy designs and effective performances. With the classic look comes an easy-to-use system with a Juul liquid pod. It doesn’t offer a changeable strength but does offer an array of flavors for all tastes. It is hard to reuse the individual pods, compared to other devices that help refill the system directly via a glass tank. Reasonably priced, all in all, it’s a beautiful alternative for fresh users.

7. Innokin Nnokin Endura T18 II V2

A compact pen-style starter kit, it features a built-in 1300 mAh battery which is charged via micro-USB and three output wattages as well as four airflow slots, which are adjustable. The output is a maximum of 14W and the voltage is a maximum of 3.5V. Powered by the T18 Prism coil, it gives flavor as well as a satisfactory experience.  The best thing about this device is that it is easy to use and very handy. This is a huge plus point, especially since it’s made for beginners.

8. Cigma Vape White

High quality, rechargeable electronic cigarettes, this product is an innovative step in the e-smoking market. Combining the latest technologies, this e-cigarette has a realistic battery and a nano clearomizer, with a slim and stylish overall product design. Easy to charge with a USB, it has replaceable coils and can be restored with many e-liquid flavors. If you are looking forward to have a wonderful experience then Cigma vape white is the best match for you 

So these were the top 8 best vape mod starter kit that we wanted to share with you. Vaping devices come in all kinds of sizes, styles, formats, and designs. Although there are disposable vape devices available, the most sophisticated options are starter kits. The disposable ones are simplest to use but need to be thrown out when it runs out of juice or battery. The starter kits, on the other hand, have everything except the e-liquid to put in it. Vaping has been proved to be 95% safer than smoking. Switching to vape definitely helps overall health. 

The industry has seen a boom in these recent years and technology has turned smoking into e-smoking, which is a much better alternative to normal cigarettes. This modern-day smoking is facilitated by a market full of sleek devices that convert this habit into a sophisticated lifestyle choice. But no matter what, what truly matters is picking the right partner to start the journey. The users now are spoilt for choice, but it’s on them to pick the right one and vape out their worries into thin air!

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