The Dilute Drug Test: What Is It, And How to Pass One

Although being caught with drugs in your system is a scary thought, it’s not the end of the world! With an understanding of what dilute drug tests are, you can learn to pass one. Dilute drug tests occur when there is too much water and not enough bodily fluids present for them to detect any traces of drugs or alcohol.

This means that if you drink plenty of fluids before taking a test or have someone help you out by giving you some clean urine, then this won’t be an issue at all. Keep reading for more information on how to get around the dilute drug test!

What Is a Dilute Drug Test, And How Does It Work?

Drug tests come in various forms, but they all work on the same principle of detecting substances like drugs and alcohol. A diluted drug test is a test that has little to no body fluids detected in it. This happens when there are more fluids, like water than bodily fluids. It can be hard to know if a dilute drug test will happen beforehand, so the best way to prepare is to drink plenty of fluids before the test or have someone help out by giving you some clean urine.

Why Would Someone Take This Type of Drug Test?

A dilute drug test can happen if the person taking the drug test usually drinks a lot of water or has other fluids in their system. An example would be diarrhea, which would cause a lot of water to be present in someone’s urine.

What Can You Do If a Dilute Drug Test Is Coming Up?

If there’s going to be a diluted drug test, the best thing to do would be to drink lots of fluids beforehand or have someone else give you some clean urine. There are also other methods that work well like adding in vitamin B and eating bananas, as they add potassium to the urine and make it waterier.

Common mistakes people make when trying to beat the test

Here are some common mistakes people make when trying to beat the dilute drug test:

  • Replacing the water or liquid that is used as a part of the urine sample with an agent that can mask drugs in your body
  • Diluting their urine, which means adding something to it so that it will be less concentrated
  • Adding chemicals to their urine so that it will have a more acidic pH value and thus not be detected.

Other Types of Tests That Can Be Done for Drugs in The Body

There are many other types of drug tests that can be administered. One type is a hair follicle test.

This test looks at the drug’s metabolites in the hair follicle. This type of test can show a long-term history of drug use and a person’s habits and routines around drug use because drugs like cocaine will appear on hair and nails for days after they have been used.

They are thought to remain in tissues this way because, unlike other drugs, cocaine is stored in fat cells.  Another type of test is an oral-fluid (oral fluid) 10-panel drug screen.

Fluids such as saliva, urine, blood, and sweat contain drugs that have been used or ingested by a person. These fluids can be tested to see if any drugs are detected in them.

General Tips on Passing Any Type of Drug Test?

Here are some general tips to help you pass any type of drug test:

  • Follow the instructions exactly as they are given.
  • Try to drink lots of water and avoid caffeinated beverages.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • For urine tests, try to avoid drinking liquids for 8 hours before the test. This will ensure that your urine is as pure as possible and not diluted with anything else.
  • In order to pass a drug test, you need to abstain from using drugs for several weeks prior. This includes marijuana, which remains detectable in the system for many weeks after last use.
  • It is best to start abstaining at least 3-4 weeks before the drug test and take a multivitamin to help offset any negative side effects of the detoxification process. You also need to drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses per day) and exercise regularly. These two things will help flush out any detectable substances from your body more quickly.

Why You Should Always Be Honest with Your Employer About Your Use of Drugs or Alcohol?

It is never a good idea to try to cover up your use of substances like alcohol or drugs because your employer will find out. They will want to know why you lied in the first place. If you try and lie again, they’ll fire you for being untrustworthy. Being honest with your employer is always the best thing to do.

Alternatives For People Who Want to Keep Using Drugs but Need a Job, Like Medical Marijuana Card Holders

One group of people in the United States that is being affected by this type of drug abuse are the medical marijuana cardholders. People who legally have a card to use marijuana are finding it difficult to pass a job drug test because it’s illegal federally.

The Department of Justice will not prosecute or penalize these individuals, as long as their employer is informed and does not mind about their marijuana use. These people may also be categorized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How To Pass a Drug Test with The Help of Detox Drinks or Kits?

There are some detox products that can be purchased online. Many people find these products helpful in passing their urine tests. Detoxifying is an effective way to get any drugs out of your system and into the toilet bowl, so no traces will show up on a drug test.

What Employers Can Do If They Suspect Someone Has Been Drinking and Driving on Company Time?

Some companies may have policies in place where employees suspected of drinking and driving are required to take a drug test. If the test is positive for alcohol, the employee will be fired.

There are also companies that will require drivers suspected of drinking and driving to go through a rehabilitation process before they are allowed back on the road. This process includes things like therapy, treatment, or classes to prepare their employees to return to work after being off for so long.


Drug testing is a crucial part of the hiring process for many employers, but it’s not perfect.

The dilute drug test can provide an easy way to pass any type of screening without having to worry about getting caught up in substance abuse.

Take some time now and learn more about this method so you know what steps need to be taken if you ever find yourself needing to get through one.

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