The Highest THC Strain You Need to Check Out

Before knowing the highest THC strains in marijuana, we should know what THC is and what it does. THC is found in marijuana which is also called weed, it is responsible for highness. THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol which stimulates your brain after consuming a part of marijuana’s is the main chemical in weed which has mind-altering properties and hence it is responsible for highness.

Weed is a drug that is legalized in many countries, but still some countries have prohibited the use of weed. The Strongest strain of weed will have mind-altering properties and hence it is prohibited in most of the regions.

In most regions, marijuana is divided into three types namely the Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. This marijuana has different effects and will give the users different kinds of feel after consuming. One may have a relaxing effect while the other will have an energizing effect. The THC strain levels depend on the growth and lighting conditions of that particular plant.

This relaxing and energizing effect is completely dependent on the THC levels. If weed is legal in your region and if you are looking for the highest THC strains then this guide will help you in finding the right marijuana.

The Strongest Strain of Weed

The strongest strain of weed can be achieved by the masters by growing the weed in moderate lighting conditions. The usage of cannabis is increasing in the USA and UK, a study in 2018 proves that cannabis usage has decreased among teenagers whereas adults have started using cannabis daily and this proves that the usage of cannabis has become popular among adults.

The cannabis industry is booming because of the medicinal uses which are present in cannabis. Cannabis can help people in overcoming anxiety, chronic pain, and much more.

The THC levels of cannabis are changing day by day. In the early 2000s, the Highest level of THC was 6.4%, whereas in today’s situation the highest THC levels in cannabis have reached 34% and it is expected to increase in the future, the higher the THC levels the higher the buzz.

The strongest strain of weed can be achieved by making small changes in existing growing techniques. Breeders prefer to breed only the female genetic variant of weed to achieve the maximum THC levels. Female genetic variants give more highness than any other variants that are available in the market.

Strongest THC Strains In 2021

1. Godfather OG

In today’s situation, Godfather OG is termed as the world’s strongest marijuana strain with a 34% of THC value and it is the strongest strain of weed when compared to other variants. Godfather OG is the fusion of three variants namely the OG Kush, Cherry pie, and the Granddaddy purple.

This kind of Indica variant is cultivated by California herbal remedies (CHR). This variant is referred to as the “Don OG Kush” strains because of the highness that is achieved while consuming this kind of variant. This variant has achieved the high time cannabis cup and will make the users achieve extreme highness and calmness after consuming the bud. Godfather OG will also make the users do some social activities which are also called Euphoria.

2. Chemdawg

This Sativa variant is not suggested for newbies because of the pungent smell and uplifting effects. Chemdawg has achieved the coveted cannabis cup earlier and it has the highest THC level of 32.13% in 2020. This kind of marijuana is one of the mysterious marijuana strains because of the uplifting effects it gives after consuming it.

The aroma of chemdawg is similar to the smell of diesel and this strain is used to create sour diesel. Chemdawg can be used to relax and calm the mind of daily users. If you’re looking for the strongest strain of weed to relax your mind after getting tired in your office or if you’re looking for a puff to do some creative activities then chemdawg will help you in finding the right way.

This variant is famous among artists because it enhances creative thinking. After smoking this weed you will enjoy the cerebral highness, the only thing is that you should know how to handle chemdawg.

3. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey

It is an Indica variant that is the result of fusing gorilla glue, cookies, and cream marijuana strain. The average THC percent of grease monkeys is 31% and it is the third highest THC value in 2021. The values of THC may change according to the growing and lighting conditions of that particular plant. It has a mixed aroma of vanilla and skunky diesel. After taking a puff it builds a highness in your eyes and after that, it will transfer all over your body and will give a relaxation effect. This weed will also allow you to do some euphoric activities mentally and physically.

4. Pacman-OG


Pacman-OG is another Indica variant among the strongest strains of weeds. It has a THC value of up to 29% and it is the famous marijuana among regular stoners. If you are looking for the strongest strain of weed then go ahead with Pacman-OG because of the proven highness which is achieved while taking this weed. It has a sweet aroma and will have the flavor of lemon.

Pacman-OG has a high euphoric effect which will allow your body to relax and be involved in many social activities. It gives you happiness and instant stress relief after consuming a puff and is recommended for veteran smokers and regular stoners because it gives a strong highness feel. The dosage of Pacman-OG is very high and hence it is listed under the highest THC strains in 2021.

5. Royal Runtz

Royal Runtz is one of the most potential and highness-producing strains of weed. The parent

strains of gelato and Zkittlez have been used to create this kind of strongest variant. The THC content of Royal Runtz is 27% and it has some mind relaxing properties. Royal Runtz has been created by equally adding both Sativa and indica variants and it hits the user’s mind with equal force after consuming. Royal Runtz will make you feel creative and it energizes your body so that you will feel fresh. The mixture of candy and fruity taste in the strongest strain of weed will make you light another joint.

6. 99 problems

99 problems

The combination of white 99 and stardawg has created a new variant named 99 problems. 99 problems are listed in the strongest strains of weed because of the chemical properties of this variant. This variant comes under Sativa dominant and has the THC value of 28%-30% depending on the growth condition of that plant.

Novice smokers are advised not to try this kind of variant because this kind of variant can give some confusion after consumption. Regular stoners with a good mindset can try this kind of variant and enjoy the uplift given by this weed.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right strain of weed according to personal needs will be a hectic task as every variant has different effects. In this guide, we have listed some of the highest THC strain marijuana to help users find the right dosage.

People can use this guide and find the right one according to their personal use. If you are a regular stoner then this guide will help you in finding the strongest strain of weed.

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