Top 8 Canadian Seed Banks Reviews 2021

When it comes to ordering marijuana seeds online, one should double-check to make sure if he gets the top quality seed that eventually grows into a healthy plant. These are available offline as well as in stores.

However, getting quality marijuana that too at a low price could be a challenging task. As most of them which you’ll order will have a higher price. Therefore, it is important to verify the site’s quality and see whether it’s a trusted one so that you end up not buying the wrong product.

But, finding a legit and reliable cannabis seed bank is tough in Canada. But you need not worry. To give you an insightful buying experience, we have not only curated some of the best seed banks in Canada, but we also personally tried and tested them to write an honest review about the same. So, here is a quick tip that you must follow before shopping for cannabis seeds in Canada.

8 Best Canadian Seed Banks – Top Rated Online Store Reviews in 2021

1. Crop King Seed Bank

When considered the best seed bank in Canada, Crop King seed Bank stands out among all the top-rated online stores in Canada with its high-quality seeds in the market. Crop King has been selling the best-quality cannabis seed since 2012 and has managed to remain at the top choice of the buyer’s due availability of a large variety of marijuana strains including Auto flower, Feminized, CBD.

Regular or Medical Marijuana is often not found in other platforms. In case of any doubts, buyers can enjoy the live chat facility 24*7. Crop King also guarantees the germination surety with approx 80%germination ratio. The online site has even bagged the “Top seed Company” title in the year 2017 by Canadian Cannabis Award. Due to its fastest delivery and offering free shipping on the purchase of $200, Crop King is undoubtedly the best seed bank in Canada in 2021.

2. Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

Be it your clinical use or for recreational purposes, Quebec cannabis seeds bank is a one-stop destination for all marijuana buyers. Started in 2013, the company has been selling the top quality cannabis seed to its customers with more than 150 distinct strains of marijuana. 

What differentiates them is that they pick the plants with a reliable level of THC and CBD which is so easy to grow. Like crop king, they also guarantee 80% germination and even promises to swamp if not grown well with an extra cost of nothing. Quebec cannabis menu diagram is easy to navigate and covers every information that a buyer needs to know.

3. True North Seed Bank

True North is one of the leading and best seed banks in Canada selling seeds from a wide range of producers. Their website encompasses more than 1584 varieties of cannabis strains. True North seed bank also credits its buyers on regular purchases which they can redeem in the future date to get free seeds.

Another best thing about this Canadian seed bank is that they tend to give free delivery on the second-order if by any chance your first order doesn’t reach you. This further helps buyers to not stress over anonymity while requesting seeds from this amazing seed bank. There are multiple payment options available including Bank, Bitcoin, Visa or Mastercard, E-transfer, etc.

4. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

Apart from having a physical store in Canada, BC Bud Depot, one of the best seed bank’s websites is as good as its physical store. Along with having a secure payment framework, it also has a variety of seed strains available online, which is clear from the fact that it has won an award for being the most comprehensive in the world. However, there is no option for filters which makes surfing a tough time.

Even though BC bud depot has got some great products to choose from, finding a particular interest could be difficult, for example, high THC, Sativa, Indica, or CBD. However, unlike other companies discussed above, the lack of filtering in the website makes it difficult for a user to hunt. BC depot has certainly come up with some great strains of cannabis and has garnered appreciation from both experts and beginners.

5. Dr. Greenthumb seed bank:

Green Thumb has been selling the best cannabis around the world for more than 25 years. Though the website looks old and traditional, the quality of seed they sell is premium.

In an independent survey conducted by a private website, they found out that Dr. Greenthumb seed bank users are satisfied with the quality of seed and their service. Offers almost all modes of payment along with 24 hours customer care service. Visiting their website frequently could also get you some additional offers.

6. Crazy Diamond Seed Bank

Crazy Diamond seed Bank gives you access to so many canines which is difficult to find anywhere else. The seeds brought from Crazy diamond are of great attributes including their structure, growth rate, flavor, and fragrance. Seeds that you can find here are Dream Police, Bubble Assault, Coastal Ride, firefight, Azure Cindy, etc.

These are highly curated offering their service for the past 40 years. The website also claims to have an excellent germination ratio. Also, the Crazy diamond has its presence on all social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. So, it is easy to get updates of the new addition to their website.

Conserving all these facts, Crazy Diamond can be termed as one of the best Canadian seed banks. However, the mode of payment is limited to PayPal and Direct bank transfer which may restrict so many customers from making any purchase.

7. GTA Seed Bank

Post 2014, GTA does not have any physical store. However, the company is selling cannabis online through its website headquartered in Canada. They keep a small seed variety but can provide it if the customer demands it.

The website’s user interface looks good and subtle with all necessary information about the cultivations and plant growth. GTA seed bank is certainly one of the top Canadian seed banks with its variety of cannabis seeds including Feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto flowers, etc. 

Some of the latest additions in its seeds section are Pyramid, strain hunters, and bubblegum. You can find ample features on their website to find out if GTA seed Bank will be able to stand up to the grower’s requirement or not. Delivery is smooth and available throughout the world, all you need to pay is $20 additionally outside Ontario.

Mail order, cash Email money transfer are some of the payment modes available with the website. However, if you need some additional information about the growing plants, then GTA seed Bank isn’t an option for you. It is good for those who are experts and need no information.


So these are the best seed banks in Canada. If you are looking forward to having an amazing experience then the quality of the product is the most important factor. And to ensure you buy quality products, choosing reputable brands like the ones we mentioned above is a must.

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