Top 8 Weed Growing Kit: Marijuana Grow Kits Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 

Are you someone who is passionate about growing the best quality marijuana? If you are thinking of growing them in your backyard or garden to avoid purchasing them from the market, then let me tell you, you are at the right place. We have covered everything that you need to know before you start growing weed at your home. Growing marijuana at home requires some basic knowledge and a typical weed growing kit in your possession, especially when you are a fresher in this field.

Demand for medical cannabis has gone up with ever-increasing scientific evidence and its related health benefits slowly coming to light. So why not grow them at home under your care? However, growing weed is easier said than done. It requires an optimum environment, care, and some intricate growing tools to grow marijuana at home.

The market is full of high-tech indoor growing kits, but finding the most suitable is difficult. Hence, in this article, we have picked up the 8 best weed growing kits available in the market and ensure you end up not buying the wrong products. Here are some of the compiled list of the 8 best kits to grow premium quality marijuana at Home.

What Is Marijuana Grow Kits?

Often called Indoor to grow kits, it includes everything crucial for growing marijuana at home. Wondering what a weed growing kit looks like and what it may have? Well as a new bee, it is genuine to be a little excited. So, let us know what is the best weed growing kit typically includes: – 

  • Heavy-duty LED
  • Indoor grow tent 

Additionally, there are few other items that you’ll require if you wish to grow them personally.

  • Timer
  • Pots
  • Hanger/ Beams
  • The ventilation system includes an inline fan and carbon filter
  • Thermometer and hygrometer

8 Best Weed Growing Kit: Product Review

From the above-mentioned facts, you must be clear by now with the advantages and prerequisites for an ideal marijuana growing kit. Let’s have a look at some of the best weed-growing kits in the market.

1. Budgrower Complete Indoor Kit

One of the most demanded to grow kits in the market. Easy to install, it comes with a carbon filter, CFM inline exhaust fan rope hanger, 6 dust clamps, 2 bag soils, temperature and humidity monitor, electronic timer, and drying rack. Additionally, it is equipped with a hydroponic grow room, high-quality zipper, and comes with a tent size of 2*2. It can easily stand the weight of 300 pounds and you can grow up to 9 plants. Apart from these, it is also beginner-friendly, waterproof, and comes with a warranty of three years which makes it the best deal to lock.


Durable and big compatible to adjust 6-8 plants together. The durability of VIVOSUN marijuana grow kit can be accessed from the best in class quality used for its support that includes 600D super thick and tear-proof canvas. The tent comes with two chambers which are separated by a Mylar sheet, leaving one small for plant saplings and another large section for the grown plants. Further partition is possible where you can stock the seeds until it germinates. Other highlighting features are:

  • 300 W full spectrum
  • Waterproof
  • Zipper to prevent leakage
  • 4-inch air carbon filter
  • 2 years Warranty 

However, in terms of installation, you may find it a little difficult. Also, the light may leak sometimes. Overall, the product is good and can be bought.

3. SuperRoom Smart 5*5 marijuana Grow Tent Kit

This marijuana grow kit comes with a tent size of 5-inch wide and 5-inch deep and a height of 7’11’ which is a perfect kit to grow many plants at a time. The 25 space of 15 cubic feet inside and an ideal height makes it easier to place at a distance that is safe for the plants.

It includes an option of two lightings including ‘Kind LED XL750 grow light’ and ‘Kind LED XL1000 grow light’.

Additional item includes:

  • 20-site super flow system
  • 6-site bubble flow buckets for hyper-oxygenated atmosphere
  • Soil
  • 3 years warranty
  • A dedicated app to control lighting
  • 1680D structure 

Everything is pretty good except the fact that you may find it difficult to operate as a beginner. Apart from all, you may buy this marijuana grow kit to grow them effortlessly.

4. Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Kit

Mars Hydro is one of the leading brands in the marijuana grows kit market. It comes with LED grow light and a suitable tent size of 4*4 enough to provide space unlike any other grow kit. This hydroponic super thick grow kit also had Mylar 1680D canvas that blocks outside light to seep in simultaneously the inside light to leak out. Easy to handle and can adjust 2-3 plants as the size is comparatively smaller.

Other types of equipment include:

  • 300 W full spectrum LED light that can save up to 50% of the energy bill.
  • Zipper
  • Viewing window
  • 99% mylar reflective layer
  • Water & tear proof 

Altogether, you can buy this marijuana grow kit but the incomplete guide on installation and no information about the warranty period makes it a little doubtful.

5. Spider Farmer F2000 2’x4′ Grow Tent Kit

Spider farmer marijuana grows kit is an ideal choice for the amateurs as it is one of those products that will offer a great value for the price paid. It comes with a 1680 D thick oxford cloth, double-stitched zipper, reflective Myler, carbon filter for ventilation, and a 200 W full-spectrum light.

Additional item includes: 

  • Tray for cleaning the tent
  • Screen to peep the internal condition
  • Cost-effective
  • Warranty of 3 years

All in all, the products can be ordered but few limitations such as noisy fans, unsatisfactory customer reviews, and excessive heating of light need to be considered before final purchase.

6. TopoLite Hydroponic Weed Growing Kit

One of the best marijuana’s grows kits for short-scale growers. It gives the best growing environment for weeds. Available in many sizes, but an idea would be to go with 24*24*48 inches and comes with a heavy sturdy structure of 600 D. Additionally, fitted with 300 W and can operate for 18 hours. Some other features are:  

  • Light-weighted
  • Hydroponic system
  • Strong zippers
  • Activated carbon filters

However, amateurs may find it difficult to operate, also it does not support multiple LED lights. Fan’s speed is difficult to control. Despite a few limitations in this marijuana grow kit, you may give it a green signal due to its lightweight, good-quality carbon filter that does not let odor come out.

7. BloomGrow 4’x4′ Marijuana Grow Kit

If you are a beginner marijuana grower, then Bloomgrow 4*4 is a perfect choice for you. The kit has everything that you need, from a durable tent to 600D lightproof oxford cloth along with a strong zipper.

Some Other features include: 

  • Included with carbon filter
  • Adjustable light height
  • Durable tools 

However, the tent size is too small to fit only 2 plants. But, if you are looking for a small size, then you must go for this marijuana grow kit.

8. iPower 2’x2′ Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

It is a low-cost ideal marijuana grow kit to grow weed at your home. It comes with detachable mylar trays, few filter straps as well as an instructional guide for the customers. Spacious, double-stitched zippers, carbon filters are some other benefits. However, the light may leak out later, and also the high is too big to adjust properly.

With so many features, 8 ipower 2*2 Hydroponic Grow marijuana tent kit is an ideal choice for you. The large space can fit in multiple pots at a time.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Weed to Grow Kit

Normally, every marijuana grow kit is slightly different from one another. To avoid dangling between window shopping it is better to set a budget and stick around that. But the presence of so many different products in the online market makes it a tough task for buyers to reach out to any conclusion, especially when you are a freshman. So, to help you choose the right product here is a guide for you:

1. Size of The Indoor Grow Tent

Deciding the size of the tent is the primary thing you should keep in mind such as its width, its height, etc. Other factors such as the place you want to set the tent, and the quality of the grow kit are also important. Generally, the height of the grow kit should be maximum so that the distance between the lead grow light and the cannabis plant could be maintained. If these two are kept at a shorter distance, it might burn the plant even before it grows a new leaf. Additionally, the extra height will help you to add fans, carbon air-filter, and ducting.

2. The Durability of The Tent

The quality of the tent is paramount. Make sure you buy the best quality in terms of frame and fabric even if it costs you a little higher. The good quality fabric ensures the extent of external light required for the plant, hence, improves the growth of the plant by equal distribution of light. Generally, the grow tent is made thick and multilayer. The inner and the outer layer is stitched making it durable additionally preventing the odors from going out. It should be heat-resistant as well to bear the heat produced from the LED light.

3. The Frame of The Tent

The frame of the Marijuana grows kit should be strong enough to carry the entire internal equipment. You might want to add a few more pieces of equipment in the future, so it must be well built to hold the whole structure. Try to figure out if the seller provides you a still rod. In case of unavailability, you can go with an aluminum-based smaller grow kit. But at the same time, it should be capable of separating as and when needed.

4. Lighting

If you want your plant to grow massively, consider the importance of light in the marijuana grow kit. There are multiple options of LED lighting including HID, Led grow light, or fluorescent. Choose any of them and make sure it is full-spectrum so that it helps the cannabis plant during the vegetative and flowering periods.

5. Growth Medium:

It is your call to decide over the medium of growth for your plants before you buy the marijuana grow tent. As marijuana can grow in soil and even without it, there are ample options you’ll get online for both the medium.

Benefits of Marijuana Growing Indoor Kit

A weed growing kit has several benefits and hence it is difficult to discuss each of them. So, we have tried to tell you some of the most important advantages of an indoor growing tent kit down below.

All in one solution: As discussed earlier, a weed growing kit is a complete solution for all your marijuana growing needs. It encompasses every small tool that you will need in the process of growing fresh weeds.

Moreover, these indoor growing kits are the best way to save you time and extra money which you may have to incur buying each part separately. However, if you are a beginner who has just started, then you are not necessarily required to have an ideal grow kit. But you may need them when you decide to upgrade them in the future.

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