UK Cannabis Price List: How Much Should You Be Paying For Bud, Hash, Extract and Edibles 

Cannabis in the UK is a matter of many approaches. There is no clarity whether or not the reforms and laws are strictly obeyed and implemented. Weed is illegal for recreational purposes but legal for medical use since 2018. It is a Class B type of drug in the UK. Despite being illegal, the UK is the world’s largest supplier or exporter of legal cannabis.

For industrial purposes, industries use hemp with lower THC content. These are cannabis plants that cannot be misused or abused. However, the production is still too high and enough for people of all age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. That’s due to illegal and private cultivation in different states. On the other hand, the UK government grants licenses and permits to the processors of cannabis for fiber. They are also given free business advice and support services.

Cannabis Price in the UK:

As mentioned above, cannabis possession, growth, distribution and selling is illegal in the UK if it doesn’t fit in the legal legislation. According to the law, individuals found abusing substances are either charged a fine or sent to prison. But, these don’t seem implemented strictly. Laws are only stated, and the consumers, producers, and transporters still manage to flood the market.

Users have access to a variety of weed products, including hash, flowers, edibles, and extracts.

Because it is illegal, weed prices are also getting out of the pocket. Depending on the demand and availability, prices rise or go down to £10 per gram even for good quality weed.

Edibles, however, cost £10 per 100mg, extracts start ranging from around £40 per gram and reach up to £100. These prices sometimes guarantee quality but it also depends on the seller.

Cannabis Flower or Bud Prices in the UK

Cannabis Flower or Bud Prices in the UK

Let’s take a closer look at the weed prices for high-grade UK flowers:

  • 1g costs £10-£15
  • 5g or 1/8th costs £25-£40
  • 7g or a quarter of an ounce costs £50-£70
  • 14g or half-ounce costs £80-£140
  • 28g or an ounce costs £160-£280

Hash Prices In The UK

Hash Prices In The UK

Not all weed is the same, and so is regarding their prices. Hash is now an uncommon weed type. It was previously used on the streets, but now it is open to all via online sources. There are different types of the hash also. Each tastes different and also depends on the origin location.

Hash prices in the UK are as follows:

  • 1g costs £5-£10
  • 5g or 1/8th costs £15-£35
  • 7g or a quarter of an ounce costs £30-£70
  • 14g or half-ounce costs £50-£100
  • 28g or an ounce costs £80-£150
  • Hash is basically a black or brown color lump that is first heated, then inhaled. One of the examples of Hash is Malana Cream.

Edibles Prices in the UK

Edibles Prices in the UK

Weed or cannabis-infused edibles are now becoming a trend in the UK. People prefer to consume it in sweet forms like brownies. The THC content is labeled in increments of 10 mg. Standard UK pricing for edibles is £10 per 100mg. These prices also go down the charts and are pocket-friendly if you buy from the right people. 

Edibles cost £5-£10 for 100mg, £10-£20 for 200mg, and £30-£50 for 500mg.

Extracts Prices in the UK

Extracts Prices in the UK

Extracts, Concentrates, and Carts are types largely preferred by maximum people. However, there are potential health consequences related to it. The THC levels in cannabis extracts are more than triple in comparison with cannabis flowers. These are available in the form of oil, budder, wax, and resin.

Weed Prices for Extracts are as follows:

  • 1g of UK shatter/budder/wax costs £40-£50
  • 1g imported shatter/budder/wax costs £50-£70
  • 1g branded sauce/live resin costs £70-£100
  • 5ml distillate carts cost £30-£40
  • 1ml distillate carts cost £60-£70 

These are sold in minimum quantities only due to high THC content. High THC content consumption can lead to fatalities and must be therefore ignored.

It is suitable for regular consumers to use an eighth of an ounce/3.5g of weed per week. It is a tolerable amount, whereas an addict may finish a week of substance in a day.

Methods of Use

Methods of Use

These types of weeds or cannabis are not consumed in the same manner. Hash or Hashish is consumed by smoking in a pipe, bong vaporizer, or joint. It is also taken via oral ingestion. Pure hash, if burned alone, can change the taste and is unlikeable. Users often mix it with tobacco to avoid that.

A bud is a ready-to-smoke female cannabis flower. These are dried, consumable parts of the flower rolled in a joint and smoked. Buds have a higher THC content, also sold at a premium. If grown at home or indoors, the quality yield can be much more potent than that available on the streets.

Extracts are oils or wax, or budder, sap ingested in the body.  Vaping, dabbing are versatile ways to consume extracts. Dabbing is a vaporizing type where the extract is added to the heating element of the vape. Users often tend to mix the extract with cannabis flowers to boost the potency of the cannabis overall.

Edibles are weed substances added to a dish in order to take an indirect intake. Mostly accompanied with a sweet dish, edibles are very common in UK youngsters and adults. Edibles are baked into cookies or brownies, brewed into tea, or mixed with alcohol. Also consumed in gummies, edibles provide a relaxing experience to the users.

Distributed and Divided Costs In The UK

We discussed general weed prices in the UK. However, these prices differ in various cities of the UK. For example, 3.5 grams or an eighth of a bud is available at Leeds for £18.50, £19.32 at Manchester, Liverpool £19.46, London £22.54, and Birmingham £21.21.

The UK government is in the process and has already declared weed legalization in some states. However, people have to pay tax on that weed. Therefore, the overall amount an individual spends on buying cannabis is much more with the added tax.

The UK is also the largest exporter of industrial hemp cannabis. Legalizing weed in London alone can collect £166 million from the marijuana tax. So, apart from the marijuana tax imposed, legalization will also increase the basic cost of the weed product.


People always find a way to get what they want. One such way to buy weed in the UK for recreational purposes is via the dark web, black market, or street dealer. The supply of weed is possible by these sources, but users should always respect the minimum and maximum amount of consumption of each weed type. Overdose can lead to extreme situations.

While the illegal market may face ups and downs, a collection is better than satisfaction. Satisfaction can lead to greed and make anyone an addict. Depending on the current market situation, the availability of weed looks stable.

According to the statistics, there is a boost in demand and consumption of weed in the UK since early 2020. Weed prices for recreational use seem to remain as mentioned above. The most expensive weed types include the Cali weed and extracts. Hash looks like a mini haystack block with an average price worth the quality. Despite discussing the general costs of marijuana above, it is evident that these prices also vary in different cities.

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