What Are Dabs? Here’s What You Need to Know About Dab Weed

Not many of us are aware of what exactly the dabs are. Steps taken by so many countries, including some states of the US to legalize weed, have led to a massive rise in the demand for cannabis and its byproducts. Dab weeds are one of them. So, what exactly are Dab weeds? Where are these available? Here is everything you need to know about Dab weed.

What Is Dab?

What Is Dab

Dabs are also termed as dab weed, honeycomb, resin, pull ‘n’ snap, and CO2 wax. These are often honey-colored, sticky, and usually available in a concentrated form. If consumed, the effect can be felt 10 minutes later and can last up to 2-3 hours depending upon the amount taken.

It was introduced in the US in the late ’90s. However, it became popular only after the rise in the use of vaporizers. Dabs are a type of marijuana concentrate that is taken out from dry herbs and is used in smoking or vaporizing. Sometimes, it can prove to be fatal if consumed in a large and uncontrolled amount. This is why it is always advisable to use it in a limited amount.

What Types of Dabs Are Available?

What Types of Dabs Are Available

You’ll be surprised to know that there is a wide range of dabs available in the market in different forms. They are mostly available in two forms either in an extracted form or in a byproduct form. A chemical process is undertaken to extract the THC from the dry cannabis whereas the byproduct form can be naturally processed by the use of regular dry cannabis.

Here are some of the common extract forms discussed: –

  1. Crumble: It is the driest among all the concentrates. It is generally available in its crumbled form that makes its use easier. Due to its fine consistency, it is advisable to store them in silicon or glass containers with lids, tights, and air-packed.
  2. Budder/Butter: As the name suggests, it looks like creamy peanut butter and closely resembles regular butter in its texture. However, it is not the one that you use to cook delicacies and other edibles. Often made by whipping shatter into a thick, creamy substance. It is also known as budder wax. It is highly concentrated on THC cannabis.
  3. Hash: Hashish is popularly called Hash. Resins from the buds of Cannabis are compressed to make crumbly yet sticky hash. Hashish oil is one of the concentrated dabs as one pound of marijuana can yield an ounce of hash oils. Due to its sticky nature, it is also easy to store in a box.
  4. Kief: Kief is one of the byproducts of marijuana that is harvested from sticky powder like crystal which is found on marijuana flowers. Kief is considered as one of the highly concentrated forms of cannabis that has the most potent part of a marijuana flower.
  5. Rosin: When heat along with compression is applied to a cannabis flower bud, the substance we get is Rosin. The entire bud is used to produce golden and sticky rosin.
  6. Oil Rigs: Oil rigs are water pipes with a nail, a torch, a dabber, and a nail. Torch helps to heat the nail that helps the glass dome to go on the top. Use the dabber to apply onto the nail once it is heated, and then inhale. It might sound tricky, but easiest after one use.
  7. Vaporizer: Available at both cheap and expensive rates. These are one of the modern methods to use, as it is easy to assemble, can be charged with a regular USB cord and prudent to be used at public places. However, vaporizers tend to have limited range when compared to the classic oil rig setup.

What Are the Limitations of Dabbing?

Although dabs are one of the most processed forms of marijuana, they still have similar health risks like smoking and dry cannabis have. To be more specific, it hardly matters in what way you consume THC, you are bound to experience the side effects.

Anxiety and paranoia, negative interactions with some medications, and impaired motor control are some of the common phenomena. Also, smoking marijuana is a foreign substance that is entering your lungs directly.

Does not matter whether it is smoke or vapor, a foreign substance is bound to affect your lungs if inhaled constantly.

In particular, the risk of dabbing mostly lies in the amount and number of doses. As described above several times, dabs are the concentrated form of THC. Comparatively, dabs have 90% concentration compared to dry marijuana which has only 25% concentration.

Read news, and you’ll find multiple cases of patients being sent to urgent care due to its overuse or high dose. In extreme cases, a person may experience severe lethargy and be highly hallucinogenic. Hence, it is always advisable to take in a limited capacity, especially when you are a new user. 

Don’t be abrupt, Increase the amount only over time. Nevertheless, dabs are common like any other marijuana product, if one knows the dos and don’ts of its usage. Its careful use will simply provide pleasant pain relief.

Where to Get Dabs?

In countries that have legalized the use of marijuana products, dabs can be easily found at those places. Many countries have legalized its use in a limited manner. Some of them are the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Spain, etc.

However, it is banned in India to date. Its trading and use without permission might lead to being behind the bars. You can get dabs easily online if you live outside India. It is available in person as well in many countries. Get prior permission from the regulatory bodies, if you need this for any medication. Also, make sure to research your seller well before purchasing.

Is It Expensive?

Yes! dabs are often more expensive when compared with dry marijuana. The average cost of dabs varies from place to place and from country to country. As far as the Indian states are concerned, its use is prohibited. However, in other countries such as Canada and the USA, its price somewhere stands between $ 10 to $200 per gram depending upon its quality and quantity.


Dabs are the best alternative for smoking conventional cannabis flowers as they tend to give higher potency of THC. But again, dab’s high is shorter and even more expensive. Also, if consumed in an uncontrolled manner, it can lead to hallucinations.

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