What is Cali Weed and is it Worth It?

You might have seen many kinds of weed in today’s situation and all the weed strains that you prefer to take will have different kinds of effects. The effects may vary but all these strains come under a common platform called cannabis or weed strains.

Regular stoners who prefer to light a joint for recreational purposes will be knowing the term THC and CBD levels. These terms are very important in cannabis seeds because the effects that happen while taking a joint are completely dependent on the THC and CBD levels.

The highness and sudden cerebral rush after consuming a joint are because of the THC and CBD levels that are present in that particular variant. Likewise, in this article, we will be discussing a special variant which is named Cali weed.

This variant is famous for its uplifting and energizing effects and it is also offered in many flavors, stoners can choose the preferred flavor and can enjoy the highness of Cali weed. The reviews from various clients tell that this variant can also be used for relaxation and medicinal purposes. Some experts have already tried using this variant for recreational purposes in various art fields.

Origin of Cali Weed

Origin of Cali Weed

Cali seeds are grown in California and later it is distributed to various parts of the US and UK. The professional care taken while growing these seeds has made this seed to be the most famous and best-selling cannabis hybrid seed in today’s situation. This type of weed is generally packed and supplied to various parts of the country.

The appealing package and the most reliable delivery service have made many people purchase this variant from various weed suppliers across the US. People might have heard a weird fact that California is one of the first states that have legalized cannabis usage for medicine in 1996 and for recreational purposes in 2017 because of this reason a wide variety of cannabis seeds can be seen in California.

Cali seeds are one of the famous hybrid variants that have very high THC values. So, because of this reason, novice users can try some other variants, like some variants of Cali seeds have mind-altering properties. You may feel satisfied after taking a puff of Cali weed, because of the relaxation that is provided by this variant. Regular stoners may find it useful after consuming this kind of weed.

When speaking about the quality it is said that these Cali seeds are so refined because of the strict rules and regulations that are implemented by the US government. Some strict testing procedures have been implemented in the place of growers and this proves that the weed is pure and no chemical pesticides are used to grow Cali seeds.

An early start of growing the weed has made many masters obtain a good name in the market and they have also obtained a separate position for the weed that is grown in California. Cali weeds producers have become the most recognized companies in the world. Some famous companies that produce Cali weeds are connected jungle boys and cookies.

Effects of Having Cali Weed

Effects of Having Cali Weed

The effects of having Cali weed may differ according to the growing conditions and the seed type that is used. Some variants may have relaxing and calming effects while the other variant will have energizing and recreational effects, this change is because of the THC and CBD levels of that particular variant. Especially individuals under 25 years of age will have varying effects of emotional, and mental feelings.

You may feel focused, relaxed and some people may have a dry mouth. This is a common symptom of taking weed but it helps in overcoming anxiety, depression, and some other kind of mental illness. Some medical professionals will also suggest this kind of weed for Arthritis. The variant has a THC level of 15% to 25% which is a moderate level of THC because the highest strain of THC is 34%.

Cali Weed-A Glimpse

Cali Weed

A mix of strawberry kush and OG kush weed is said to be the Cali kush. This weed is large-sized and it has the shape of a spade with closely packed buds and leaves. The leaves are yellowish-green in color and the pistils are brownish-orange in color, so this combination gives this leaf an appealing look which will be an eye treat. This Cali kush is burned with a smooth smoke when inhaled and when it is exhaled it smells skunky and gives us an overall tropical experience.

The variant is meant for heavy users which means regular stoners may feel the sudden heaviness in the head that spread all over the limbs and core and the sedative effect will make the users lie in comfortable surroundings in which they prefer to sleep regularly. This variant can be used for various medical illnesses and because of this reason many doctors prescribe this variant for the cure of anxiety, chronic pain, and many more.

Users can prefer to take this weed in the evening or nighttime because it provides users with a feeling of deep sleep and relaxation. So, after consuming this variant user will have a relaxed feel mixed with deep sleep. Some mix of variants in Cali weed is not suggested for new users but Cali kush is a type of weed that has a very mild dosage and newbies can prefer to take this kind of weed for relaxing themselves.

Like other variants, this variant can also be grown indoors as well as outdoors but the only thing is that people should take care of the warmth when they prefer to grow Cali weed outdoors. Growing indoors will be a perfect choice but the height of an indoor-grown plant will be less when compared to outdoor grown plants. Maintaining the area with moderate lighting conditions will also help to flower in lower areas of the leaves. It takes around 50 to 56 days for flowering and September is the good time for harvesting these flowers. Growers can get 51 to 60 grams per square foot. 

Cali Weed Types

Cali Weed Types

  • Blue Gelato 41
  • Lemon tree
  • Orange sherbert
  • Mimosa X orange punch
  • Tropicana Banana
  • Mimosa Evo
  • Wedding cake
  • Purple punch and much more

These variants are said to be famous Cali seed hybrid variants, people can choose the preferred flavor according to the taste and flavor they prefer to take.


In this article, we have discussed the pricing, effects, size, color, and all the specifications about Cali seed. We have also seen the medicinal uses of Cali seed and how it treats various kinds of physical and mental illnesses. People can choose the right strain and when it comes to Cali seed it may look a bit costly but the outcome will be great when compared to other variants.

You can be a novice user or a regular stoner. Anyone can prefer to take this kind of weed but some variants in Cali weed are suitable only for regular smokers. People can use some guides and choose the suitable variant for themselves or they can also ask an expert for choosing the right variant, because the effects may differ accordingly.

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