What is the Difference Between Hemp and Weed, Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are often regarded as two different types of cannabis plants, and the “hemp ‘ word is simply a trailblazing way to refer to” weed.”

As per science, hemp and marijuana are just two different names for the cannabis plant, a plant within the canaceid plant. As per the laws, there’s a fundamental difference between hemp and marijuana, which is the THC content in it.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a type of cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant, and it is one of the primary reasons people get high after consuming it.

However, it is believed that marijuana and hemp have different types of usage and effects.

Hence, in this article today, we will discuss the difference between hemp and marijuana to let you know their side effects and clear the misconceptions about them.

Before that, let’s know the in-depth definition of hemp and marijuana.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana: What Is Hemp?

What Is Hemp

It’s a strain of the cannabis sativa plant, which is significantly grown to use in industrial applications. It is wildly civilized to manufacture low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD.

In addition to this, as hemp strains have a meager amount of THC in it and very high amounts of CBD when it’s grown as a flower, there are no complex effects when it is consumed.

And hemp fibers are used for many industrial motives such as textiles, cosmetics and clothing.

Moreover, hemp has been used for many years as a natural way to control the widening of invasive plants and weeds since they have equivalent characteristics of dense growth.

Even though hemp is used for many industrial motives, it is also the origin of fiber, vitamins, protein and minerals, and they have omega-three and omega-six fatty acids.

And hence because of its nutritional value, hemp can be used in the shape of flour, oil, hemp milk, raw seeds, etc.

Benefits of Hemp

  1. The hemp seeds can be used to cure digestive problems since it is rich in fiber.
  2. Hemp seeds and oil are beneficial for skin-related issues such as eczema, dry skin and so on.
  3. They are also considered as a superfood which means you can even survive just by having the seeds.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: Hemp Varieties

A variation of hemp is chosen as per the desired final output; however, there are several factors on which the hemp cultivators select the type of hemp they want; some of the elements are:

  • Hemp oil content
  • Seed production per acre
  • Time to harvest
  • Steam quality

And so on.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: What Is Weed?

What Is Weed

Cannabis is another name to address weed with its some other names such as Mary Jane, grass, pot etc. and it is derived from the cannabis sativa, which is from the cannabis family and has three foremost spices which are: 

  1. Cannabis sativa
  2. Cannabis Indica
  3. Cannabis ruderalis 

There is another relative of cannabis which is hops (it is an ingredient in beer) and is from the same family, and it is manufactured for frolic purposes and makes its user high.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana: What Is Marijuana?

It is a term to systematize the variants in cannabis which has more THC rather than its normal range, which is 0.3%.

The term marijuana, aka marihuana (its historical spelling), is very famous in American culture. It manifestly represents the insufficient image of cannabis flawed many individuals and organizations from its industry decline to use this term. Many of them still find out to be” racist. “

As per early American history, the term marijuana, commonly known as” cannabis, “represents the plant. From 1910 to 1920, a million Mexicans migrated from Mexico to the United states, and during that time, the term” marijuana ” arose to the harmful use by the Mexican immigrants.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: The Confusion

Mexican immigrants

Many people assume hemp and marijuana to be one; there’s a factor that defines the difference between both of them.

And that factor is the amount of THC in the plant.

There can be some intoxicating properties within each plant, which is a vital factor in categorizing cannabis as hemp or marijuana based on a single characteristic, which constitutes the wrong portrayal of cannabis. Hence, that’s why many people fail to understand its multifariousness.

For instance, let’s consider the taxonomic hierarchy of fruits in the citrus species.

Classifying cannabis as marijuana or hemp is like characterizing all fruits in the citrus genus as sore or sweet rather than knowing each fruit’s characteristics.

Moreover, many times, marijuana and hemp can appear indistinguishable from each other except a viewer who happens to be carrying the necessary chemical analyzing equipment to certify the levels of THC in it.

Numerous hemp plants are indistinguishable from other plants specified as marijuana for those people who don’t possess knowledge or expertise in it, and due to this, a lot of issues have taken the place of law enforcement officers by arresting the people and hemp, which is 100% legal since it looks similar to marijuana.

It proves to be a straightforward issue of function and the proper understanding of cannabis. Due to this, many people are confused as to whether the consumption of hemp can make them high or not .as; still, its definition is incomplete.

To eradicate this problem and the confusion caused by the descriptive birds which never existed is to re-educate everyone over time.

It is one of the best ways to be updated about what hemp and marijuana mean and how they can be used in the legal system and society to be aware of your rights and to prevent any contradiction about the usage of hemp and CBD products.

So, the significant differences between hemp and marijuana are as follows:

Since there are many varieties in the same plant species, there are many similarities between marijuana and hemp which can confuse anybody and understand how different these are different from each other. however; they are different from each other in the following.

Composition: – they vary in their chemical composition contained within themselves.

Hemp produces 0.3% THC, while marijuana produces 30% THC content.

Legality: -although hemp was earlier considered illegal but later was removed as an illegal substance under the relevant Act. On the other hand, marijuana is still illegal according to legal requirements.

Usage: -hemp is used to make cosmetics, cloth, rope, detergents, wood preservatives, and many other such things, whereas marijuana is used as a recreational drug, for medical and spiritual and medical purposes, for treating few medical ailments.

Cultivation: – hemp is adaptable to grow in most climates; it can grow with a minimal amount of care, whereas marijuana is produced in a carefully controlled atmosphere.


Here we mark the end of this article even though this subject is quite confusing and complex, which needs a detailed description, but we hope that you have gained knowledge about something valuable through this article. You can understand the difference between hemp and marijuana.

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