Where Does Marijuana Naturally Grow?

We all know that marijuana does not grow naturally in every state, but what does it look like when it does? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to find and identify cannabis plants.

Wild Cannabis

The plant Cannabis Sativa is the most commonly known marijuana plant, but it can grow naturally in many different climates. It’s important to know where your cannabis came from and what it was grown with if you’re going to use it for medical purposes.

This way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not a batch has been tainted by pesticides or other chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

Marijuana is a plant that grows in many different parts of the world. However, certain strains can only grow in specific climates such as northern Mexico and Canada. The most common place to find marijuana is in North America, where it has been grown for centuries because it thrives well in the climate there. 

There are two main types of marijuana: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Sativa originates from Central Asia and was spread by humans all over the world during history while Cannabis Indica originates from India and Afghanistan.

These days cannabis plants are mainly used for medical purposes but they were originally cultivated for food or fiber production – this means that all cannabis plants have agricultural value even if they’re not being used for medicinal purposes today.

What Is Ditch Weed?

What Is Ditch Weed

The final type of cannabis plant is ditch weed. Ditch weed does not take up a vigorous amount of nutrients, does not grow as tall as other marijuana plants, and does not look particularly healthy. Ditch weed does, however, contain a similar cannabinoid profile to other forms of cannabis which means that it does have some medical properties.

Some people believe that ditch weed is the product of cross-pollination between different strains of Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica and therefore does not have any unique qualities compared to other types of cannabis plants.

Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally?

Cannabis can grow naturally anywhere where there is enough sun, water, and space. It does best in dry climates with a lot of suns and does not do well in areas with a lot of competition. The most common places to find marijuana are North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii because these regions have the right climate for it.

Outside of North Americas, you can also find cannabis growing naturally near India or Afghanistan where Cannabis Indica was first cultivated.

How to Find Marijuana Growing Naturally?

How to Find Marijuana Growing Naturally

To find marijuana, follow the clues. You are more likely to find cannabis growing naturally in non-urban areas where it does not have a lot of competition for sun, water, and space. Cannabis does well in dry climates so be on the lookout in places where there are trees and vegetation because insects love to eat marijuana plants.

Good soil will also help marijuana grow. If you know that cannabis is growing nearby, look for plants with a distinctive leaf pattern and try to identify the place where it’s coming from.

Learn how to find marijuana plants in your area by listening to the sound of skunks. Skunks love eating cannabis leaves so this will be a good indicator that it’s nearby!

Different Climates that Marijuana Likes

Temperate Areas

Temperate climates are found in areas that range from south of the equator to north of the equator.

In these types of climates, marijuana does not grow very well outdoors since it does not get enough sunlight throughout the year. If you want to cultivate it outdoors during these times, you need to use a greenhouse or turn one room into artificial lightroom for plants. Cannabis strains such as Lebanese Red and the Swazi Gold grow in temperate areas that have warm but are considered to be not too hot like the Mediterranean climate.

Typical Areas

The typical areas for natural marijuana to grow are the equator region, which is where the earth is divided into two regions by the equator. This region does not get too much variation in temperature.

Central America gets a lot of rain, which is why marijuana does well there as it can grow all year round.

Sub-tropical and tropical climates are also areas that marijuana does really well naturally outdoors since they have a longer growing season.

The Mediterranean climate does not have a lot of rain and does not get too hot, which is why cannabis does well there.

High Altitude Areas

Marijuana grows best in high-altitude areas where it does not get very cold at night for the most part because they are so close to the sun during parts of the year that this does not happen.

Mild Climate Areas

Marijuana does grow in mild climates but it is rare for the plant to flower due to a lack of sunlight throughout the year.

The Mediterranean climate does not have too much variation in temperature.

When Is a Good Time to Go Wild Weed Hunting?

When Is a Good Time to Go Wild Weed Hunting

I would say that going weed hunting is a good idea when you know the wild marijuana plants are just about to bloom. You can tell the plants have blossomed because they will smell like a skunk’s spray and they will look like large green shrubs with buds.

The best time to go weed hunting is in the morning, right when it starts getting light outside. You don’t want to get out into these weeds too late or else you’ll be walking around with all manner of bugs and poisonous plants on you!

I think that a good time to go wild weed hunting is when the temperature is in the 60s-70s. You can start to notice the plant when you’re walking around because it has a smell. The leaves will have a green, pointy shape with small hairs on them that are really soft and fuzzy so they brush up against your hands as you touch them.

Wild weed is most likely to grow in wilderness areas like national parks or forests.

How High Will I Get if I Decide to Smoke Wild Weed?

Marihuana does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana that causes intoxication in people.

A person who does decide to smoke wild weed will experience a heightened state of awareness and a slight change in perception of colors and sounds.

  • Increased body temperature
  • increased appetite
  • increased heart rate
  • altered vision

Paranoid sensations will be experienced if a sufficient amount has been consumed. If you consume more than an ounce then delusions, rapid heartbeat, and fainting are possibilities.

If ingested there can be vomiting, stomach pain, fever, or confusion due to the presence of toxic chemicals generally found in any weed species (i.e.: Butane from dabbing). The entire central nervous system is disrupted.

What to Do if You Find Cannabis Growing Naturally – Final Answer

The final, and most sensible option, if you find a field of weed, is to admire the plants and go on your way. you can take pictures and show them to your friends. But do not take any plants home with you.

If the field is close to town, get in touch with the police for local kids’ sake. If it’s far away from town, don’t worry about it because there are too many legal obstacles that will stop you from getting high.

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