How Many Plants Can You Grow in Illinois?

Illinois legalized the sale of marijuana for medical purposes in 2013 and now it has allowed its citizens to grow it in their own homes. However, there are many guidelines issued for every home cultivator to follow.

The land of Lincoln became the 11th state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes from January 1, 2020. To keep a check the sale is allowed by legalized sellers only and there is a weight limit for purchases.

Why Grow Marijuana at Home?

Medical patients are allowed to cultivate their cannabis at home. The state has legalized cannabis cultivation for patients. There are many reasons why it is preferred to consume homegrown marijuana. Some of them are:


Many people complain that growing cannabis at home means increased expenditure on electricity, purchasing fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, etc., However, these are initial investments that can actually help you save a lot of money in the long run if you consume marijuana regularly for your medical purposes. It also saves time and fuel that goes into driving up to the store to purchase cannabis.

Quality Check

When you purchase cannabis from an outside store you have no idea if any harmful pesticides or fertilizers have touched your plant whereas, when you grow your own cannabis, you can keep a check on how your cannabis is grown. You can decide which fertilizers to add and what all nutrients are required. It makes your marijuana consumption healthier and safer.


The most important factor is that it becomes easier for patients to consume medical marijuana. They do not have to leave the comfort of their homes and go out to purchase cannabis. They can easily cultivate and consume organic marijuana whenever required. It is a relief to the patients that they no longer will run short of cannabis and no hustles of rushing to the stores

Higher Efficiency-

When you grow marijuana under your surveillance, you decide about its purity and potency. Since it is single-handedly grown and cultivated freshly it is more efficient. It is more effective for the patients as it is safe, organic and well nurtured.

Fun and Engaging-

Growing cannabis at home can serve as a recreational activity. It is fun to experiment with your strain and a great way to utilize your leisure time. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels as you engage with nature and nature your plants. Taking care and knowing about plants can instill a sense of satisfaction in you.

Who Can Grow Marijuana in Illinois?

Who Can Grow Marijuana in Illinois

Though the state has legalized marijuana, it does not permit everyone to cultivate it in their homes. If you meet all the below-stated conditions, only then you’re allowed to grow cannabis in your home:

  • You must be 21 years old or above,
  • You should possess a marijuana medical card,
  • Qualified patients must be diagnosed with debilitating diseases such as Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc.

To get your marijuana medical card fill this official Illinois application form . You must meet a few requirements to get your form processed:

  • You must be 18 years or older (if you’re a minor, you need consent from a legal guardian and recommendation by at least two physicians)
  • You must have a diagnosis certificate to prove your illness
  • You must be a legal citizen of Illinois.

How Many Plants Can Be Grown?

How Many Plants Can Be Grown

The Illinois State Law has fixed the number and conditions for a household that can grow marijuana.

  • Legally, only five plants, over five inches tall can be grown in a home,
  • The plants must be locked away from the public eye,
  • The minors should not have access to the place where cannabis is being grown
  • If you do not own the place but wish to grow cannabis you must have the consent of the legal property owner.

*Remember 5 plants is the limit per household not per head.

Things to Consider Before Growing Cannabis

Growing marijuana indoors can be a little challenging. You must make extra arrangements in your home for proper cultivation. There are a few necessary purchases you will have to make such as grow lights, fertilizers, etc. Given below are a few things you should consider before starting your cannabis cultivation journey.

Environmental Requirements

Marijuana plants, like any other plant, have prerequisites to meet. Since these plants are being grown indoors in an enclosed space you will have to artificially produce the heat as an alternative to sunlight. The temperature should be around 70-85 degrees when lights are on and 58-70 degrees when the lights are off. Cannabis plants need humidity of about 40-60%. An ideal room temperature, water supply, ventilation, and power can promote the growth of your plants.

Choosing the Right Strain

If you’re growing cannabis for medicinal purposes you should keep in mind the appropriate strain and buy the seeds accordingly. It is advised for patients to grow plants that are high on Cannabidiols and low on THC. You have to choose the right strain- for yourself depending upon your medical prescription and illness. Some of the recommended strains are Indica, Sativa, hybrids, etc.


It is important to take care that you do not over-water your plant as marijuana plants are very prone to fungal root diseases that can grow in damp conditions. Water requirement depends upon the outside temperature, strain, size, and overall health of the plant. If you find the soil is getting dry, leaves are turning yellowish-brown or the plant looks weak, it’s time to hydrate it.

Container Size

The container should be changed as the plant grows. Initially, use a small size container and then gradually proceed to bigger ones. This ensures proper absorption of water and other nutrients by the roots. The material of the container does not have much impact on the plant’s growth and therefore any common suitable container can be used.

Essential Nutrients

Marijuana plants require secondary nutrients such as magnesium, Sulphur, etc. It is important to fertilize your plant once a week for healthier and abundant leaves and flowers. Lack of nutrients can stunt the growth of your plant and it may not reach its full potential. Ideally, a pH of 6.0 to 6.8 should be maintained.

Is it Easy to Grow Weed in Illinois?

Is it Easy to Grow Weed in Illinois

Growing marijuana at home brings along a few challenges. However, its benefits outweigh them. It is important to take care of your plant and invest in it for future returns. It is essential to note that you grow cannabis using legal means only as the law imposes stringent punishments against the illegal cultivator.

The punishment ranges from heavy fines to imprisonment. However, if you have medical prescriptions you do not have to worry about getting licensed as the state is compassionate towards the patients that genuinely require cannabis. The pieces of equipment, seeds and other tools are also not easily available in the stores; therefore, you’ll have to purchase them online.

If you’re looking to grow cannabis for recreational purposes, the state probably isn’t going to legalese that anytime soon.

Only a commercial licensed cultivator is allowed to cultivate marijuana for recreational purposes in the state. Consider going through the state law and other necessary information before you begin to cultivate your own marijuana at home. Take all necessary precautions and begin your journey towards recovery.

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